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Google is introducing small gifts to users. He always had fun. Even if they do not sell their stuff, they crawl their home page to celebrate birthdays, festivals and other important events. Even sparkling localized versions of their own home page could celebrate the local festivals of the country. I remember the recent Holi at the Indian Color Festival on, which is Google's Indian website.

I'm talking about this because the Internet giant has something to make this Christmas smile. You can also make a smile on the close and dearest face or the people you want to use. I'm talking about Google Santa Tracker, which can be used for a lot of fun.

First, you can use Santa Claus to call anyone who has a North American phone number. Reduce your message with endless possibilities. You can name the customer some cool nicknames like punk, buddy, geek, or even "brother of another mother". You can tell Winnie the gift you want for Christmas. You can still call yourself if you like, of course within the limits of courtesy. What if your friend does not have a US phone number? There are two options. Send him SMS or email. I prefer the second option. The message will be sent to the recipient as an MP3. All we have to do is click on it and replay the message to her.

There are other things as well. There is a small collectibles game that you can only play with the space bar or the side arrows. There is also a toboggan run where a Santa is on where to stay on the track and collects all the goodies on the race track. You can play this game with only four arrow keys. These games are not great, but they certainly will be smiling.

In the village, created by Google, you can check out and check out the gift shop, the hot balloon or the inn. The whole thing was made using HTML5 and JavaScript, and it's quite a 2D thing. Most popular Google products, such as Gmail and other products, are clearly visible on all sites. Briefly: Christmas is called at Google Village.

Source by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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