The Canadian Wild Bird Discovery of Kanoan

Most of the Canadian landscape consists of evergreen forests, glittering ponds and infinite cliff surfaces, covering the planet's oldest rock in 3 billion years old places. This geographic region is called Canadian Shield. The main features of landscapes are largely the result of the last icy activity of the Pleistocene era. This is usually referred to as the last "ice age" that has come to an end less than ten thousand years. The huge icebergs cleared the ground, broke the ancient rocks, and left behind a very small amount of soil. This long cold winter and the short, cool summer are associated with the growth of evergreen or boreal forest that covers this area. In addition, the remaining glaciers and the large ice pieces melted; full of holes and countless lakes that dominate the Shield country. It is estimated that Ontario alone has over one million ponds.

One of the most satisfying ways of discovering this highly undeveloped area is the canoeing. The Canadian government has created a number of large parks that protect this unique ecosystem. One of the most beautiful is the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in Northwest Ontario. It is about 5-6 hour northwestern international waterfall along the Minnesota / Ontario border. The appetite for discovery and solitude, as well as the proper equipment and design, can start from one of the park's entry points and from anywhere, from a couple of days to a few weeks you can enter this wilderness. There are lots of attractions over a thousand miles of canoe routes. Fishing is incredible, there are ancient pictograms and petroglyphs, high rocky cliffs, plenty of wildlife (including moose, black bear, beaver and eagle), beautiful sunrise and sunset, northern lights (occasionally), etc. By crossing and piercing through the lake (with the equipment and the canoe along the trail, often only a few hundred meters or less until you reach the next lake), you can walk through the park while stopping on flat stones or a soft mossy bed by a stream

Anyone who enjoys outdoors and looking for an active summer adventure needs such experience! If you like backcountry camping, cooking with firewood and using canoe, you will definitely be rewarded with a Canadian shield that is part of the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. When designing such excursions it is important to note that this is a mere campsite, these parks are in very remote locations and there are no services. There is an important plan and experience to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey if you are without business guidance. Guided excursions are great for beginners, as they can enjoy the experience and get details, such as navigation, equipment, restaurant food, and more. In addition, it receives a great deal of information about the appropriate backcountry campsite procedures, someone who provides first aid and security procedures and explains the local vegetation, fauna and history of the area.

Source by Erik Rasmussen

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