Holiday in Cuba

Cuba is calling … and the invitation is too hard to withstand! Cuban holidays during the Caribbean sunshine, dance of the salsa as there is no tomorrow, discovering their history and culture closely and personally, taste them from the famous Cuban cigars or simply inhale the city's sights and sounds. where it has imbibed with many history and charms. The possibilities are endless. Cuba is an adventurous, nature lover, a buzz of history and for those who do not like the holiday. Yes … Cuba is a dream vacation in every respect. This is a place that allows you to enter into the past, forget the future, and only come to the present. This is an unforgettable experience kaleidoscope, which is merged into each one.

Cuba is not the largest island in the Caribbean for nothing. The beaches are simply unforgettable. Indeed, the coast is blessed with white, sandy beaches and warm turquoise waters, coral reefs ranking ranked the best in the world. Perfect for diving, snorkeling and fishing. Ki Isla de la Juventud, plenty of underwater caves and sunken boats to explore. Try Maria de la Gorda, where there is a stunning black coral. But the beaches are not all that Cuba offers. The Rio Toa offers an opportunity for rafting water rafting. When you go hiking and climbing, there is the Sierra Maestra's streams and lush forests. Parks like Zapata Swamp National Park and Topes de Collantes National Park are perfect for those who want to go bird watching and angle fishing.

For those who are preparing for architecture, prepare for the buildings of the colonial homes of Havana in Spain, Trinidad's red roofed buildings and mansions, or the big plazas in every city. Spend less time exploring history and artistic treasures on other stunning streets like Calle Obispo. Museums such as the Museo de la Ciudad, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the unpublished Fabrica de Tobaccos Partagas are just the places to start discoveries.

And when the sun goes down, fill your nightlife. The rhythm of salsa, rhumba and mambo fills the night air. Now partying is what the locals do best in Cuba. In fact, the festivals come in this country.

Ahh … Cuba! This is the place to be forgotten. And the best thing is that there are plenty of ways to get cheap!

Source by Cristi Enache

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