The San Francisco Symbol – The Golden Gate Bridge

New York is in the Empire State Building, Washington DC is Washington and the Lincoln Memorial. Almost all major American cities boast at least one great architectural masterpiece. In San Francisco this symbol is the Golden Gate bridge, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful claws in the world. Visiting tourists in the San Francisco Bay Area is not complete, without the panoramic view this beautiful structure. This is not the engineering task; but art.

To truly appreciate the Golden Gate bridge, we must first make sure of the history behind it. Roaring was built in the 1920s, but deep within the Great Depression, the bridge represents American endurance and determination. The Great Project was completed in 1937 and the Golden Gate Bridge was the longest steel-bound bridge in the world until 1964, when the Verrazano-Narrows bridge was completed by connecting New York Staten Island and Brooklyn cities

The Golden Gate Bridge wins a lot of praise for its aesthetics. The American Society of Civil Engineers stated that this is one of the most important wonders of the world. Frommer Travel Guides says "maybe the most beautiful, certainly the best photographed bridge in the world".

Although the bridge can be viewed at the San Francisco points, the best views are Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Located in San Francisco Bay, GGNRA is one of the most visited units in the National Park. More than 13 million people arrive in this area each year to see the big red bridge, including other activities.

The park is deceptively large, as it is not a contiguous area, but a collection of parks in North San Mateo County to South Marin County. It runs on 59 miles of coastline. However, GGNRA should not be confused with the Golden Gate Park operated by the city of San Francisco as a separate unit.

There are no defects in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. On a hot summer day, it is not uncommon for people to ride bicycle, rollerblading and jogging on a few countless well-maintained roads. In addition, photography is just an art form that seeks to capture the dignity of the Golden Gate Bridge. Other artists use dyes, pencils, and clay to interpret the space.

A trip to GGNRA is incomplete, without visiting its most notorious attraction. The island of Alcatraz is a feature of many countless films. Despite having been detained since 1963, they have been reopened since its museum. The positive haunt is that Al Capone and "Alcatraz Birdman" Robert Stroud will be able to pass through the rooms of the cool structure.

Spend a day or two to explore the Golden Gate National Recreation Area; you can rest assured that you appreciate the Bridge, along with the rest of the GGNRA.

Source by Hugh Parker

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