One day in Apollo's life to discover Greece!

Imagine yourself on a beach, glittering sunshine, beautiful waves on the beach and a cocktail in your hand, life is not much better than this is right?

The next time you are looking for relaxation, I highly recommend that you look no further than the Greek islands of pure paradise! Since Greece consists of two continental peninsulas and thousands of islands in the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea, it is fair that you will choose more.

Due to a distinct Mediterranean climate, Greece is known for its very hot and dry summers, with mild rainy winters. Yet its famous stunning sunshine is a rare event for long rains. However, weather may vary due to landscape dictation and distance from the coast. For example, land areas are different from high mountains, and the south is warmer and drier than the north. Hot and dry seasons are between April and September, with a mild and wet season from October to March. So, depending on whether you are a sunset or a creature of culture, you might want to consider the year of the year when you start this great country.

Speaking about culture, Greek culture has been evolving for thousands of years and is still the birthplace of Western civilization. Most customs and traditions are religious, since Easter is the most important celebration of the year, so much so that the Greeks can make holidays and preparations within two months.

If you like life to a Greeks or just want something special I would suggest you visit Greece under the Holy Spirit!

Every island and land will have unique preservation of ancient history, but not much better than in Athens. As the capital of the country connects more than 22 million tourists every year, and how much you should do, you can understand the reasons. You can hike through an open top double floor bus that will allow you to keep track of Athens' history and culture.

Visit the world-famous museums with stunning views of ancient temples. If you like the idea of ​​being near water and usually not having a sea sickness, than you're trying to do on a boat trip, where you can visit the main harbor and the nearby harbors and visit a small fishing harbor that holds a shipping museum, which many visitors viewed. Shopaholics have more than just a range of shopping opportunities within the city!

When you are in Greece, there are not only many sights, but here too there are many accommodations to please the idea of ​​a weird little flat in town is a luxury Greek holiday villa on a secluded island, all islands and on land will be something very unique to offer. One of the country's best hotels is located on Paxos Island, south of Corfu.

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