Cottages need to be cautious when driving abroad

At the peak of the tourist season, cottages need to be cautious when they collect a car to their destination and book only with certified car leasing. Persons planning to rent a car abroad should be warned to be cautious about local car operators, as they may be too dangerous for tourists who want to have a rest.

Rumored that cheaper prices are available locally, however, this is only a low season, or the local company misplaced its inventory. In the big season, it is almost impossible to rent a car, especially for large beach resorts and popular destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Alicante and Mallorca.

It's important to be wary of local car rental companies that have great discounts. This can be gambling and ruin your vacation:

– Cars are often older models that may be poorly maintained

to be illegal if something goes wrong. – If there is a legal problem, there will be limited support or counseling.

Travelers should know that local dealers often drive customers to collect the car from their own garage. This may disrupt the inexperienced tourists in a foreign country and be dangerous to women.

TravelJungle recommends that all tourists pre-book the cars in order to make it available and make sure the service is provided by a certified company.

Source by Elif Krahn

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