On Site Caravan Australia – Ten steps to follow before buying a

The main points:

  1. Do not buy the trailer without first talking to Park Board. Remember, when buying a caravan from the owner. Next, you need to know the conditions that remain on the ground in the park.
  2. Request a copy of the employment agreement. This includes the park rules, annual fees, inclusions and other details. It should be long-winded. If only 2-3 pages long, it is possible that the agreement does not comply with the relevant laws caravan site. on-site vans Government Act NSW Holiday Parks: "Occupation Agreement Act 2002 Holiday Parks (Long Term casual employment)…"
  3. discuss the future plans of management Park. How long can progress after your own caravan park? Did you plan to replace your caravan to a cabin 1-3 years? If so, you may be asked to remove the caravan will move to another site in the park?
  4. this summer to comply with the local council and the park regulations? Discuss this Park Board. Sometimes caravan can be sold because they are not, so you may need to do the job.
  5. Discuss what you know or do not know whether the trailer. If you want to add a deck should be such as to ensure that the borders of this place. You might even get approval to paint the trailer.
  6. Check out other caravans for sale in the park and nearby parks. If many vendors, try to find out why? A good park to be a bit of traffic campers for sale.
  7. What are you selling it contain? Some furniture contains all. Take photos of the interior, at the time of the test, if you do not.
  8. is an addition! If you do not want to use the caravan regularly, it may be cheaper to stay in one of the park cabins instead of all the money a few weekends each year.
  9. Examine the park more. Will be cramped if you plan to stay? What type of clientele do not attract? He did oriented kids? Is Pet Friendly? I encourage you to stay in one place cabin for a night or two "feel" of the park.
  10. whether the asking price sounds reasonable? It was too much, do not be afraid to ask why. Compare the price of other campers in the same or nearby parks.

The most important thing is to realize that usually buy the person who has title to caravan. It may be towed (a requirement if the caravan responsible for a flood area), or it can be the stumps or "bound to the earth." You usually do not buy the rights of the space is currently only in the summer as well. You then need to pay an annual fee for the management of the caravan park the privilege of having a caravan on the site. This fee, which covers changes in the form of reserve park.

If the ten steps below, you will be much less likely to be disappointed in buying. Remember that you are not just buying a used caravan. Invest in your spare time and vacations aspirations.

Source by Peter Counsell

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