Selecting the Best Car Radio

Using the Amplifiers in the Car Radio System to confirm the bass sound of the main source or head unit and then to the loudspeakers

The amplifier receives a signal from the sound source and manages so that the beacon has more power and strength to allow the speaker to vote to achieve the maximum energy required to emit sound waves

The use of car radio systems generally known to the types of multi-channel and mono blocks. The multi-channel amplifier is usually used to amplify audio output audio (tweeters, mid range, midrange speakers, or coaxial).

Type of mono block specifically for signal amplification (19459002)

Includes multiple types of amplifiers (audio tones) that are A, B, AB, D, Hybrid, A and each type are their own characters, performance is different, namely:

Class A: The best quality to achieve better sound quality, but faster energy and heat. these types of prices are usually very expensive depending on their brand

Class B: It does not produce excessive heat and no waste of energy but can produce good sound quality

Class AB: This is the most widely used car audio- , A and B amplifier combinations, making it more efficient and flexible for use in the car radio system and offering better quality B-class.

Class D: This is the kind for the most widely used subwoofer drive and the SPL (sound pressure level) concept, as the D-class amplifier's power (Watts) is large and capable of 1 ohm to produce a more dynamic bass sound, and usually the type D mono block amplifier type.

Class D: This is the most widely used subwoofer drive and the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) as the D-Class amplifier has a high power range (Watt) and can rise to 1 ohm to produce more dynamic bass sound

Hybrid: The electronic components of this type of hybrid amplifier that use transistors and pipes. Combined with these compounds, this type of amplifier can produce high sound quality with good sound quality such as a full tube amplifier but is still at an affordable price.

Tube: This type of amplifier can produce a better sound quality than the vowel sound, not thicker and rigid / dry, but the type of tube amplifiers usually means a very high price for the debt.

A great difference is the quality, character and individual components of each amplifier, demonstrating that the quality amplifier can determine the character and quality of the audio produced in the car radio.

Before buying the amplifier, you will find some tips for selecting the amplifiers (voice cars):

  1. Choose Amplifier with Large RMS (Watts) and Small THDs
  2. Design and quality of materials and equipment must also be taken into account.
  3. Use the amplifier / RMS amplifier with the loudspeaker
  4. The power amplifier needs to be bigger or bigger than the required loudspeakers, because if the performance is less than the requirements of the speakers, the "loudspeakers" can damage the loudspeakers
  5. .

  6. Select the Amplifier Brand that Provides Formal Warranty Brand Features
  7. Find information about different media or get a trusted installer car audio amplifier before buying.

Finally, do not let the amplifier (voice car), as this may damage the electronics components.

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