Cycling across the country, last part of the journey; Fayetteville, SC to the Coast

After three weeks almost four finish our trip to Coast-to-Coast. From San Diego, CA, the South Carolina Riviera. Our last leg was long, we breathe and taste the salt air on the Atlantic coast soon after we've been looking for 3500 miles and miles on the country's bike. Biking the nations, regardless of the way you go, it is difficult to find a light pursuit, huge mountain ranges and huge distances in the center. But now we're going to the end of our trip and head to the beach, then to Virginia Beach, VA, day. Sixty miles northeast of Wilson SC at Hwy 301, which parallelizes I-95 as we go east. We cross over to Dunn (good name but early), Wade, Goodwin, Benson, Four Oaks, Smithfield, Selma, Micro, Kenly and Lucama.

We are now going to use the Alt 64 motorway in Wilson SC and that Greenville, NC is Highway 264. That's the other 40 miles or 100 miles a day, but it was easy and now smell victory, so press. Twenty miles to Washington, NC, we saw the first sign of water at Pamlico Inlet. 25 five miles to the Milestone 145 on the day that the real orienteering begins in Belhaven, NC. We're twenty miles down Scranton, and we're 30 miles miles away, and we're off at Englehard, NC. We moved to the east coast and we still have the opportunity. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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