Travel to North Wales for stress-free and entertaining life

North Wales is quickly becoming one of the most popular places in the UK but why? There are no big cities, bigger airports and small businesses. What benefits would the North Wales movement have?

Although the area can not be considered as a huge economy, more and more prestigious companies have moved to the area and established the foundation there. The present population consists of highly wealthy individuals who have been liberated from the population pressure in the city and have established successful businesses in the area. As such, there are plenty of opportunities to operate your own business or to find a job you like.

Despite the richness of the area, the whole is approx. Is 5-6% lower than the US average, and one-week food costs up to £ 10 may be cheaper than in urban areas. Getting away and enjoying yourself is relatively cheap, the average price for a beer brew is between £ 1.50 and £ 2.60 for most facilities and you can get a good two-course meal at a restaurant for drinks under £ 20. The general cost of living is much cheaper than the Most areas of the United Kingdom, so they can live much less.

You may think that the lack of cities is a problem in the area. You can not keep on the truth. The majority of North Wales areas are located not far from the English border in cities such as Chester, Manchester and Liverpool between 1 and 1.5 hours. You can easily make one day or even spend a night without causing too much confusion. The beach also features fantastic rail links that are even faster to visit.

A Simple Lifestyle

The life of North Wales – during the bustle – is not as stressful as urban life. A lot of areas offer peace and quiet, if you want to get away from it and usually miss it all takes 10 to 15 minutes.

If you want to come here, anywhere, it's a good idea to visit the area before they get caught. We recommend Holiday Parks in North Wales as the base for discovering beautiful cities and villages in North Wales

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