Tortuguero National Park – Real Beauty

Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica is one of the places that offer many attractions to visitors. One of the most important attractions of this park is the turtle tour that takes place at night when tortoises return to their nests to load eggs. During the tour, only touching is permitted and visitors can not talk to avoid confusion in sweet tortoises. This laying is very interesting in all respects.

Turtles are not the only species you can find in this rainforest, as you can look at monkey pooffs. In fact, you can catch the sight of different types of wonderful and colorful tropical birds. In short, this place is ideal for those who love animals and nature.

But this place is not very comfortable as the weather is still hot, wet and rainy. In addition, the hotel in this location is not very good and does not offer quality services. But if you really are a true love lover, do not worry about these things, just go there and enjoy the procedure.

Tortuguero National Park is 14 miles from Jaloba City 4 miles north of Parismin to Tortuguero Village. The park is located on 19,000 hectares and appears as a delta on the alluvial plains on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, west of the low-altitude volcanic hills of the Moron Coronel. The park protects the nesting beach of the green turtle species.

If Cam is looking for places, Cuatro Esquinas Headquarters has campsites. Cuatro Esquinas is located at the northern end of the park, within Tortuguero.

There are not only turtles in the park. It has incredible biodiversity and natural diversity, as the various habitats, including rainforests, marshes, beaches and lagoons are preserved

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