Blogging Tools – What to Use?

Have discussed previous articles about how to blog and how to increase traffic. Now I will discuss the various tools that most bloggers use.

Most bloggers use some blogging tools to improve blog bloggers. There are blogging tools to track visitors, there are some that showcase your blog's stats and many more.

This article is primarily about bloggers, not about organizations or business products. And I will not include those blog templates.

Here is a list of the various blogs used by the blogger.

1. Tools for blog stats.

# Sitemeter – tracking tools that provide instant access to important blog information. The meter meter allows you to get acquainted with the weekly performance of the blog with some useful information about visitors.

# Google Analytics – a free tracking tool from Google. Just like the sitemeter, you provide detailed information about the blog's visitors.

# Stat Counter – Another free tracking tool that tracks your visitors. Something can be called an invisible web tracker.

# My Blog Log – this service is now part of yahoo. It also tracks visitors, you can also add a widget to see a list of visitors who are also members of Mybloglog.

Slim stat

# Mint

These statistics counters allow you to embed their codes and track visitors. Some people send you a weekly report, and others' statistical counters provide graphical representation of your traffic.

2. The following are Blog editing tools. Blog editing tools are devices that allow you to edit your post, no matter how you use your blogging platform. Here are some blog editing tools available online and downloadable.

# Windows Live Writer Blog

# Windows Live Writer Blog

#Word Blog Writer

# Scribe Fire

3. News aggregating tools are the place where entry is automatically saved, and can easily share it with others. News Aggregator is also known as news and newsreader. With the aggregator user or reader, you can easily review updates for specific sites.

# Blog reader

# Blog reader

# Google reader

# Google reader


These are the blogging tools that are often used for blogging. There are many blogging tools that are not listed here, but you can easily search the web.

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