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Over the past few years, the rental market for the carpentry market has grown dramatically. This is due to, inter alia, the explosion of the internet, the desire to cut the commission charged by the high street travel agent and the satisfaction of the realization of its own research.

Are you doing a good holiday?

Your holiday needs vary by group and the reason for your holiday is actually. It's best to make a list for both of them that when you do your research, you cover all the bases.

Expand this point. You know your family or friends who will be on vacation with you. Would they be happy in a remote location, or rather are walking distance to the bars and restaurants, and of course from the beach? I would like to have leisure activities like horseback riding or golf? If your grandparents are with you, do not forget that they want to be there very well. They do not want to be with you 24×7, we might be able to walk in the village / resort so they can be treated for the kids or just for an hour. Make sure you ask him what they want from the celebration. If teenagers / young adults are with you, then do not necessarily thank you for having 'clubbing'. The goal is to make everyone happy.


The traditionally sleeping 2-20 villa is often cheaper than renting a room or room in a suite or hotel. Most villas feature an outdoor pool. At the same time, it seems wonderful to consider health and safety issues. Not many basins will be fenced so you have to pay close attention to the little ones. If teenagers remember to swim, think about the effects of alcohol. Even a glass of wine can affect the heat after family lunch! The good thing about the forks is that one does not attach to the food and can do it as you like, eat outdoors or on the spot or go away.


Apartments are one of the favorites of teenagers and families. The good thing about apartments is that they are usually surrounded by a bar or a garden / pool with a restaurant. If you have a child or teenager, you can create new friends and have some fun in it. Owners can have fun. Check the ad for details. The quality of the apartments varies, so make sure you know what they are occupying. Different types of rooms are available such as a studio, 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. Full account of your requirements prior to booking. I always love more space than I need for freedom. For example, in the price, for 2 people, I occupy a single room instead of a studio. This means there is extra space for luggage.

An important aspect when making decisions.

Cleaning: to make the villa / flat clean and orderly. Check the details of the website. Sometimes you can take care of someone to come and make the basics for you. This can be included in the price or for a fee.

Bedding Replacement: Check the details of linen changes again. Most ads will change at 14 night festivals, but some will even pay more money! If the ad is unclear, ask! Also check the towel. Certain properties also provide beach towels, which will save a little weight for a large family. More room for duty free products!

How to reach: Make a reservation on how to get your address and directions from the airport. Often the site allows you to download them after they have received a full payment. Ask where the keys are collected. It is not uncommon to collect them under the geranium pot, but you need to know.

General Terms: Always read and understand these completely! They will inform you as follows: Entering time and leaving the site (sometimes reorganizing it to flight time); Security deposit zones (with a repayable deposit against loss or breakage against the owner / agent); and cancellation fees.

Welcome Packs: Welcome packs are often delivered freely or at modest cost (per person). A package will see you on your drink and maybe a light meal. This said I knew the owners / agents who gave a ceremony to the king or queen. Please check your ad again. If a package is not allowed, do not consider the arrival time at the holiday home. Are the shops open? If it is likely to end, you will be grateful to the funds that are delivered to you.

Vehicle rental: Some companies provide rental of vehicles as part of the package. Check the details. Your car is very useful for getting to know the area and for the best view. Do not forget to take your driving license with you. When a vehicle is not placed on the market, prices may vary. But be careful. Some companies abroad are less known about health and safety than others. Expect extras payment, such as extended insurance coverage, child restraints or straps. When you collect the vehicle, you will probably be asked to pass your credit card for details. Be sure to check the sting and scratches thoroughly when you collect it and when it is dropped when it is switched off. I know of a lot of people who have been charged with credit scams against fresh scratches. They rejected all the knowledge, but in vain.

Travel Insurance: By law, travel insurance is legally binding. However, they will not be prosecuted if they do not. It is simply your responsibility. Policies are different. Make sure that you have a full and economical cover. Beware of cheap politics. It's not cheap if it's not around. Do not endanger yourself or your family. If you are in Europe, make sure you have a European health insurance card. The card entitles you to free or reduce costs in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

Finally enjoy your vacation because we are all working!

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