Consciousness checkpoint – where do you live?

Imagine this: Peace, wellness, freedom, confidence, bounty, gratitude, abundance, joy, blessing, energy, trust, authenticity, giving, allowance, relationship, courage, prosperity, self-acceptance.
(It feels good?)

Now go here: (but not long) Concern, doubt, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, falsity, scarcity, stinginess, anxiety, panic, anger, sorrow, revenge, depression, shortage, shame, suffering, despair.

(It is a specific case of icky icks and you need a shower now.)

Did you feel that there was great contrast in both places? All right, so now is the time of truth. Which of the best places do you hang out? If you do not live in the best emotional places often, why not? What prevents this? If you are interested in re-creating the intimate intimate resource, then this divine appointment is to start. The life I've been longing for is waiting for you to say that you've already got into the light!

Take a minute and ask yourself whether it's possible to be permanent or at least consistent … in this Divine Address of good feeling. During the repetitive ego rumors, does your heart know that you deserve good and often? A simple request … be gentle with yourself and your findings, and you know that at this moment you are expanding your mind. You know your answers are completely INFORMATION. This is all part of your shift that is happening now.

Good feeling Your natural condition and your glorious firstborn! Observe if TRUTH thought is frightening or anxious. You're sure it goes deep. It is a fact that we are encouraged to listen to your soul and see your inner conversations. You only know the answers and have to be blessed because they are just leading to enlargement.

The goal here is to determine where you are most in your location so you can state where you want to end. You need to know where he is, before drawing his way to the final destination, right? Get the GPS. The good news is that you have been guided to this point and you can breathe easily and know that you are well in the vibrant way.

If you are suspicious or want to know that the daily pattern is about the not-positive emotions, calm down. This is not the time to defeat yourself. Resist and nourish this pattern. If you often vibrate in these darker places, you probably can be said to be probably curious about how you can live in better emotional places.

Are you alive in your life from a greater spectrum of emotions? If so, you are our inspiration and our role models, and we need you. We bless you, respect and learn from your being. Thank you for teaching us with an example that this eternal good feeling is in reality possible. You are lighting the way for all of us.

The point is that there is CHOICE.

Accepting Your New Reality Invitation:

1. Be aware of where you are.

2. Log in to see where this is.

3. If you are prompted to move to another location, then REPLACE.

POWER POINT is just in the moment.

Just find a thought that feels a little better and your life changes. A little better … a bit better … a bit better … and before you know, you've achieved your own personal status for a good feeling.

And this is a very pleasant moment.

And now he has officially entered – Heaven on earth.

Welcome to your home …

Source by Amy Kay Raymond

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