Men's Wearing in the 1920s

Wearing men in the 1920s is not much different from his business outfit. The good suit, tie, hat, and shoes were all men who had to dress during the day. Evening events were much more formal than the friendly dinner.

in 1920 in 1920 in 1920 in 1920 in 1945. – The suit jacket was usually one person with a minimum of buttons and overall loose. The trousers were raised on the waist high and the upper upper strips and the clamps below. In the cool season, dark gray, blue or brown summer colors were white, ivory, pastel and occasionally pink (Gatsby was wearing a pink suit in The Great Gatsby novel).

Vest- if it is not designed to suit the suit, it would have a similar tint as a tan-colored or darker pastel color. ] The typical button is a stunning t-shirt in white to be the most fashionable and comfortable. The collars were "club" style and were pointed mountains. These are very difficult to find today. Tie- Ties were more common than ties. Light, solid colors or geometric shapes were the height of fashion. The tie was thinner and a bit longer in the 1920s, even today.

Pocket Square He was also known as a handkerchief, well. The pocket squares were pushed into the men's breast pockets.

Not only were men's trousers, they were fashionable accessories. The belts started to become popular only at the end of the 1920s. Men do not wear hats today as in the 1920s. The winter hats included a bowler, flat cap (also known as cab hat), panama (felt), or cousin of Fedora. They are made from straw of summer hats, such as straw Boater (also known as Skimmer) or Optimo Panama hat. The top hats were still used for formal wear.

– The shoe was the definitive element of the man's dress. The most appropriate are the two-tone contemplating dress shoes. The Oxfords and the Brogues mocked tongues and wings.

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