American Kennel Club – Dog Recording Statistics and Trends Overview

AKC annually provides us national / large city records statistics on dog breeds ranking. According to their mission statement, the club is committed to "studying, breeding, exhibiting, operating and maintaining purebred dogs". The maintenance of records and the collection of data play an important role in pure-American research.

Their latest report (2011) has both familiar results and interesting trends

labrador retriever is ranked again the best breed in the country. The breed lived this marked position for 21 years. This is an incredible achievement and recognition for the merits of the breed. The family's favorite is intelligent, beautiful, loyal and wonderful companion. You can expect the Lab most likely to continue to oversee all the remaining breeds from this exalted bass for a while. Although impressive, Lab has to stay for the first time in a year to reach this position for 22 years. This distinction is owned by the Poodle of course. The German Shepherd, another favorite breed, maintained the 2nd position in the last two years, suggesting that he could make that number. The German Shepherd is loyal to their intelligence and is generally fast-bound to those whose home is Alpha. According to 2011 registration statistics, the top 10 categories are:

  • # 3. Beagle
  • # 4 Gold Retriever
  • # 5. Yorkshire Terriers
  • # 6. Bulldogs
  • # 7. Boxer
  • # 8. Swords
  • # 9. Dancers
  • # 10. Rottweiler

Ranking of varieties, which we recently highlighted with the following articles:

  • # 29 English Springer Spaniel
  • # 34. Bernese Mountain Dog
  • # 39. Bichons Frises
  • # 52. Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier

Our highlighted list deserves a special attention to Bernese Mountain Dog's significant changes. This variety ranged from # 54 to # 54, indicating that the popularity of larger dogs shows a positive trend, which is shown by the significant movement of the Great Swiss Mountain Dog from # 101 to # 82. This is further underlined by the fact that the 10 most important breeds were classified as 6 large dogs. This is quite surprising for several reasons. On the surface, larger dogs simply spend more on their own property. Depending on the quality of the food purchased, the monthly invoice can range from $ 20 to $ 60.

[ Otherwise, ask for the best, healthiest foods you can afford. It really makes an immediate difference. Thanks to our favorites to give them the best. Further, there are the costs associated with chewing tools and trust me that they are much cheaper than a new foot in the dining table. Basically the larger the dog, the bigger the chewing tool or any game. Even the costs associated with medical visits and medications may reflect the size of the dog. But based on these statistics, owners decide to avoid costs and take advantage of the benefits of bigger dogs.

When we look at the number of bigger cities, there are some very interesting, surprising information.

In Boston, the Boston Terrier did not make the first ten. Boston's gorgeous residents have shown their mood for smaller dogs.

In Atlanta, dog lovers lifted Cavalier King Charles Spaniel five to # 4 in their top ten list. This is somewhat surprising, as this is the kind of national ranking # 21. It goes well in Atlanta! In Honolulu, the perennial mood of all breeds, the Lab, the Chihuahua, was removed. Obviously, another drummer works on this beautiful island. New York City also broke the first place in the Yorkshire Terrier 1st place. This is understandable, as Yorkshire is easy to use, portable and very flexible, and NYC is a great demand for both dogs and owners.

Apart from the Yorkshire # 1 ranking, Tampa has also distinguished as # 4 and # 5 are all over. # 4 is the Dachshund / Gold Retriever. At the 5th place we find Bulldog / Chihuahua competitor in the same place. My money is on Bulldog!

Well, there he is. A quick overview of varieties based on their popularity. Where's your special friend on the list, not to let any owner know. We have found that the ranking on the national popularity list may result in mixed blessings for the breed; feed for the future article, no doubt.

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