Wonderful Spider-Man 2

If you know about me, you'll probably notice I'm a huge Spider-Man fan. There are various posters around my room, the Marvel movies and the multiple entrances of the dick, are just drinking a Spider-Man cup. Needless to say, I was excited to play Beenox's latest Spider-Man game, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Xbox One. I'm usually uneasy about playing a movie tie-in game, but he's my favorite hero. Even if this is an average game, I have to be able to look at your mistakes, right? After playing a fairly short campaign, I must say that the internet slinger should have crushed the Xbox One iteration. When you first entered the gaming world, the opening sequence for Uncle's death from the first movie. Of course, it is difficult to recognize who the characters are just because they are different from the source material. Here, Peter Parker is more like Charlie Day when he was always sunny in Philadelphia, especially with his coat he wore. The opening scene is a complete filler and does not add anything to the whole story.

Speaking of the story, this is a complete mess. I understand that this is a movie binding, and developers may not get the full screenplay from the accompanying film, but at the end of the day the drawing is too difficult. The movie itself is busy, but when the game adds its own gossip from the comics to the movie, the main antagonists of the movie are on the back burner.

The main beef is the primary story of the game that completely leaves Gwen Stacy for the whole experience. Gwen Peter Parker's greatest ally and Amazing Spider-Man 2 plays a huge role. I do not understand why we needed Uncle Ben, who was not even in the movie, more than we needed Gwen Stacy. It's just a little bigger, but one of the many problems with the confused story. After using the coded plot you will notice how funny the conversation is. Unfortunately this is not a good thing. I mean, the conversation was written by a four-year-old. My favorite exchange is when Peter Parker meets for the first time with Kraven's hunter in his New York apartment. Kraven explains how he struggled with an adult tiger, and how angry he was to hunt and kill the endangered animals. All the time, directly behind Kraven, he adorns his sofa with a tiger chunk. Fortunately, the gameplay itself is not so hopeless. Spider-Man moves with incredible agility and the web strap is now mapped to both the left and right triggers. There are fewer questions, such as Penetrating precision while traveling, but also the "Web Rush" mode of the game. The city feels more vibrant than the previous Spidey games, but ultimately a poor man's GTA. Frankly speaking, the most enjoyable game was not a fight, but only moved from one side of the city to another.

When the fists finally begin, you will realize how boring the whole combat system is. With Amazing Spider-Man 2, Beenox attempts to copy the Rocksteady's Batman title to an outstanding close combat. What you get here is the sloppy, broken, embarrassed anarchy. I fought harder against the camera than any of the bad guys. Even in the face of ugly points of view and swimming, the game was never difficult. During the short six-hour campaign, I was able to die only once and that is because the elements in my control have died. If you have not captured the random band members on the street, then some of the most famous opponents of the web slinger who want to fight. During the boss's fight, there is rarely some concern about mechanics. It is best for an incoming attack and then masks on the attack button until you win. Certainly, as Arkham City, after defeating the boss, he opens up new equipment for your hero. The ionic straps and the seismic explosions are accurate, both of these abilities only aim to defeat the cannon feed later in the game and both are incredibly lame.

If the story and the fight were not enough to turn off the console, the terrible sight in the game. While playing the game on Xbox One, I felt that this game was more like PlayStation 2's starting address. Their mouths are in sync, the clothes have fewer pixels than the Pong and the environment looks like Nintendo 64 Rampage. Images will usually not play well, but if this other aspect of the title is so bad, it will be included in other issues and the result is a game that literally means garbage. The first Amazing Spider-Man game that came out in 2012 looks better than this Xbox One game.

As I mentioned earlier, this game is a movie binding and we can not count on GOTY's material but with a price of $ 60, I can not find a reason to justify the price. The only positive thing I can say about the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is that the game has a lot of unlockable costumes for Spider-Man and there are quite a variety of choices. With the developer, Beenox can only create a real Spider-Man game, maybe someone else has to take the lead. Keep away from Xbox One.

Source by Brian Robbins

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