Virtual Costs!

Encouraged by past encouraging experiences with bankrolls, Mr. Thames Pond decided to continue there. He promised to call on any credit card or bank attorney with courage and intelligence. You must ensure that you reject all unnecessary bids or traps. She is no longer vulnerable. And then, as usual, he called me right away.

"Hello … I'm going to Thames Pond, please?"

"Who should this be?"

"This is Moneycanny, UC Bank … Mr Pond?"

"All right, this is the Lake, the Lake Thames!"

"It's nice to talk to you again, good morning!"

"Good morning, woman …" Mr. Pond … can I just take two minutes from my most valuable time?

"What's up?"

"Sir, you are one of our finest customers who over the years have reviewed their payment records and have come up with their credit report and have sent you a travel voucher that will allow them to enjoy a complimentary five-star hotel at a variety of tourist sites. you have the consent of Sir, that this package can be easily transmitted. "

" Do you give me all this, Milady? "

"Absolutely, this is UC Bank thanks to one of your most outstanding clients."

"No payment? No hidden costs? Are you sure?" "Yes, sir, all you have to do is get it!" "Okay … in this case I can consider … Ms … er …"

"Thank you for your package worth more than the dollar, so there will be a service tax and other charges …"

"Hey … wait a minute, saying … should I pay to get the benefits? "

" Good sir, you do not pay, you only pay taxes, your package is worth a lot of money, so the service charges of course … "

" Wait a minute … you see … "Ours is one of the largest banks in the country, with a huge network …"

"Hey! Ms … er. .. I do not refer to your bank … I mean you you see … that's either you and look here! You see … er … … to see … I have to get out of my office … book tickets … I absolutely plan to be able to use your travel package, right? I have to go to the air for the privileges of the stars … I can not just crawl and smash it to get there, is not it? Now, the problem is that it will not happen in this particular period … for many reasons. . "

" But sir, we are looking forward to not allowing you such a money-saving opportunity! "

" … Okay … you expect … I also want to, but I do not want it in my hand … I'll see, then if I travel and enjoy the five-star luxury, please charge the service fees … it's in perfect sense. "

" Sorry Sir, we offer a value package for you and there before we only pay the service tax. Please confirm your consent to be sent immediately. "

" I'm sorry … Milady, I can not give my consent … "" He cut the line. "

Mr Pond Looks, He dismissed the call, happy to be happy, himself, and was quiet when Mr. Pond boasted a broad grin

Source by Chinmay Chakravarty

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