The Top 5 Camping Sites in North Carolina

Holiday Time Only At The Corner. Is this the best time to go free and spend time with nature? From the mountains to the shore, there is a campground and some beautiful scenery waiting for you:

Mount Pisgah Campground

This is part of the Appalachian Mountain Range, Has beautiful landscapes, regardless of whether they cover wild flowers in the spring, or the yellow, orange and red shades overflow during the fall season. Blue Ridge Parkway is located in a picturesque alley that follows the high mountains of Southern and Central Appalachians 469 miles from Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina.

Ocracoke Campsite

For some different landscapes, put the tent directly on the sand dunes at this campsite. You can reach your boat by a boat. The Ocracoke Campground is located near the western end of the island near Ocracoke. This is the only camp site where you can find a reservation, because it makes sense to see that you only need a boat to get there.

You do not like to fall asleep and there is no place to rest and sleep. There is an in-room pay-per-view station at the entrance and you can pay by using the debit or credit card. You have to be asked to drive the entire campsite, then take out the empty space and then pay back. This campsite has 136 extras and is divided into four loops, all accessible for RVs and Tents. There are modern bathrooms or outdoor showers with cold water, so no one could see that they will shower. All of them are located throughout the camp.

Mouth Mitchell

Spend all day at the top of the mountain peak in the eastern Mississippi. In the evening, slide the tent on the summit and entertain the magnificent view of the majestic stars. Goose Creek State Park

For those who enjoy camping, they can drive to RV go to Goose Creek RV Resort. Boast in the coastal terrain that you can explore and the beaches just a few steps away. It's a good choice for a very long weekend.

Hanging Rock State Park

If you want high mountain feeling in Piedmont, hanging rock. This is the most appropriate area from the tent. Enjoy the trails, waterfalls, boating and horseback riding. He'll never get bored when he gets there.

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