Las Vegas has a number of exciting Thanksgiving Helicopter Tours to the Grand Canyon

Thanksgiving is about to come here. If you want your vacation to be more exciting than eating and drinking, consider making a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. There is no better way for Canyon as a helicopter, and there are plenty of tours and opportunities available when Vegas travels. These tours are filled up on holidays, so if you want the best deal and the strengthened places, you should go ahead with the tour.

Helicopter Tours From Vegas Only to West Rim Too far for helicopters to go round the round. The flight from Vegas to West Rim runs right along the Mead Lake and Hoover Hill, giving you a great view of the air. When you book the tour, you can choose a landing tour or a boat flying over the Canyon. You have to pay more for the landing tour, but if you can afford it, you can go there because you will have the chance to experience adventures that you will never forget.

About the Landing Tours

My favorite tour is the Champagne Picnic tour, located on the Canyon-floor where you can enjoy a picnic and then explore the area on foot. This special tour is one of the most popular helicopter tours to the West Rim, so the seats are filled up quickly, and even tours often come out three days.

You can add other adventures to this Tour, for example, a boat tour on the picturesque Colorado River. You will appreciate the river's prospects as the ship moves along the towering walls. Another fun add-on is the helicopter flight to the top of the rim so you can go on Skywalk. In the event that you do not know, Skywalk is a huge viewing platform that hangs at the edge of the canyon, about 70 feet. It has a beautiful view of the Canyon and can be up to 4000 feet up to the Canadian floor through the glass floor. <19459002] Select Helicopter

In addition to selecting hiking and accessories, you must choose the type of helicopter you will fly. For this, you can book the usual or deluxe tours, and here is the difference between the two. AStar and Bell Rangers are used on standard tours. Although they are reliable and safe helicopters, they are not modern or designed specifically for city sightseeing. Have a great view of the traditional shredder, but you can still enjoy the deluxe tour for a better tour experience.

Deluxe tours fly to the EcoStar 130 helicopter. These helicopters are designed for the ultimate city sightseeing and you will see why. Flying in an EcoStar will be much quieter and cabs will be 20 percent larger than older models, so flying will be more comfortable. The best solution for flying on EcoStar is that it has a huge 180-degree viewing window that provides the best panoramic image while flying. In addition, each seat has an excellent view as it consists of stadiums.

Other Benefits

Regular tours depart from a Boulder City airport near Vegas. It takes about 30 minutes to transfer from The Strip to Boulder City. Deluxe tours depart from the Vegas Strip and take up a limousine instead of a regular limousine and return it to the hotel. The deluxe tour makes the Vegas trip and the canyon ride even more enjoyable, as it feels like a VIP with all your goddamn dances. Plus, the deluxe tour is The Strip Skip, so you can enjoy stunning views of the sights, resorts and neon lights of the city.

Buy a Tour Early


Remember these tours are sold because they are so popular. Try two weeks later to close your seats before the tour. This not only provides the seats, but also helps at the lowest price during the tour. By using a credit card and buying a tour online, you can use the low internet aspect ratio and receive an instant confirmation for your purchase. It's possible you can save up to 35 percent when you buy online and add it when buying your family.

Celebrate Your Special Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a perfect vacation for a quick trip to Vegas. Forget that thanksgiving is yours and you're jumping on the sofa, but going to the helicopter on Kanyon! Just go online to buy your seats and make sure it's coming soon. While the landing tour is highly recommended, you can choose from many excursion options that will take your budget and interest so you can enjoy fantastic weather in one of the most beautiful natural landmarks.

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