Charles Schulz's Autographed Snoopy's Outline for Collectors

It radiates a woman's happiness because of the many collections and friendships she smiles for. When you first meet Facebook and emails with Linda, you will immediately realize that he is not only lively and attractive but is a huge fan of Peanuts and Snoopy. "Snoopy," Charles Schulz's extroverted beagle cartoonist name, Linda's email username.

Linda Snoopy's love does not end with her email username. Get to know her and Linda invites you to see the extensive collection of Snoopy, which has been made over 40 years ago. He had spent his bedroom in the spent room. There are Snoopy on the walls, Snoopy and the band on the floor, even Snoopy is coming out of the ceiling – coupled with a ceiling hanging spiral display.

Visitors to Linda Snoopy's room are prepared and down and generally respond to "Oh, my goodness." Most are in no hurry to leave because there is always one Snoopy to catch the eye. Linda laughs and smiles to evaluate her collection, just do not go over it!

Linda visited the West Americans to add Snoopy's collection. Sometimes it is what attracts collectors such as Linda, Snoopy, how he can communicate with wisdom and everything he needs to know his face expressions and think balloons. Next to his closet, Snoopy is upstairs in a yard on the upstairs living room fireplaces. "

Here Snoopy reigns when he "preserves" his transformed dog, surrounded by several Snoopy, where the dinner dish was planted by Woodstock on the bowl. Snoopy towels, washcloths and soap greeted the visitors who made the nearby guest bath and Linda's personalized tastes, the stained glass glows and catches the light coming through the dormer window. Snoopy made his first cartoon in October 1950 when Linda was still a young girl. 1919-19004 19459004 19459005 19459005 You are so much fan of it as you remember, starting with plush and other toys. Nowadays, Snoopy's collection is thousands, ranging from jewelery to phones, including thousands of thousands of thousands of years from the 1950s, but the newer limited release disks and the previously released Christmas tree decorations that Linda hangs and sits all over the year with indoor "Snoopy" trees.

The Peanuts comic strip followers know Snoop as a solo actor and are considered a dog whose advanced intelligence and vivid imagination. Snoopy has created such a diverse personality as Joe Cool, World War I, Actor, Flashbeagle and Foreign Legionnaire. Snoopy collector collects collections of all.

Born and raised in Southern California, Linda retired at California's Rockwell International, California, California. In the 1970s, Charles Schulz visited the Rockwell factory where he was concerned, and Linda fortunately not only met the cartoonists but also the lucky ones who later received a great "thanks" for Snoopy's riding Rockwell spaceship.

This nicely framed and matte 15 x 20 "cartoon drawing is the most valuable piece in the Linda Snoopy collection and a huge fan who is lucky to meet Snoopy and Peanuts bandmember Charles Schulz [Sparky]

After selling the Saturday Post and other releases of the Saturday, Charles Schulz to some of the finest ribbons approached the United Feature Syndicate, he became one of the world's most popular comics in 1950.

Peanuts cartoon has been interrupted for nearly 50 years And it was published in more than 2600 newspapers in 75 countries and then discovered that he had colon cancer, and because of the complications of chemotherapy, the cartoonist could no longer read or see clearly and announced his retirement on December 14, 1999. At that time, three generations of Ame Ricans The Peanuts band and the "good Olga Charlie Brown" grew up.

Schulz cried to say "The Today Show, "I never dreamed that this was happening to me. I always had the feeling that I would stay on the tape until I was in the early eighties or something. I did not buy it. This was taken from me. "Charles Schulz demanded a death sentence in Santa Rosa, California, on February 12, 2000, at the age of 77. In the same year, the California & A Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, in honor of Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport, revived the airport logo in Snoopy's glasses and scarves , On the top of the dog.

The Schulz family lived in Colorado Springs Colorado shortly, where Charles Schulz painted a wall in his home to Meredith's daughter Patty, Charlie Brown and Snoopy. The wall was removed in 2001 and Donated to the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California, where he lived and worked for more than 30 years.

Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center opened his life on 17 August 2002 The cartoon art scene is just two blocks away from the old s tudio. Charlie Brown and Snoopy bronze statue of Santa Ros In the center of Depot Park.

Charles Schulz wanted Peanuts characters to stay the most effective and not to create new cartoons. United Features has legitimate rights on the tape, but Schulz's wishes are respected. The re-appearance of the comic book has continued to syndicate and has produced new television promotions since its death, but the stories are based on previous streaks.

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