Seattle Alaska Cruise – Easy Guide to Wonderful Cruise

There are many options to see on Seattle's Alaska Cruise: historic sites, seaside attractions, beautiful landscapes, evergreen forests, Mount McKinley, The highest peak in America), Denali National Park, grizzly bears, otter, seals, killer and crimson whales, and maybe some dolphins along the way.

There is enough to wait for a cruise to Alaska. You can take helicopter tours, go for mountain biking, and try a kayak if you want to be more active.

There are three different lengths to choose from for a cruise, including a 7-day, 11-day or 14-day cruise. The longer you go, the more you will see and the more ports your boat will go. You can take an internal cruise or cruise tour. The inland passenger cruise will be a round-trip cruise from Seattle, including the passage of the islands across the British Columbia and Alaska coasts.

Glacier Route Cruise is a longer cruise, involving several glaciers, and usually stops at some extra ports.

The Alaska boat trip runs from May to the end of September. The weather in these months is usually between 50 and 80 degrees, and it has a lot more days. June and July offers the longest hours of the day 20-21 hours a day. This provides more opportunities for glaciers and wonderful wildlife along the way.

The best time to see the pitfalls and orca whales in June and July. They are breathtaking and you do not want to miss the opportunity to see these graceful creatures in action.

May and September are generally cheaper months for boat trips and harbors are not so crowded, but the days are shorter And fewer chances Wildlife along the way.

Some tips from Seattle to Alaska Cruise, weather unpredictable, so wearing more clothes, waterproof warm coats, rainwear, light gloves, sweaters, sunglasses, and a warm hat. You also want to have a camera, binoculars, extra battery, extra film, and good walking shoes. Now the only thing left is to go and schedule the cruise and enjoy yourself.

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