Gatlinburg River Road Hotels

Have you ever seen a city surrounded by three sides of Great Smokey Mountains? Actually, this is the city of Great Smokey Mountain National Park. This is the city of Gatlinburg. It's just a few miles from downtown. They are famous for their outdoor adventures such as:
– Natural Walk
– Spirit Tour
– Boating
– Water Rafting
– Skating
– Skiing

Security measures are always provided in all outdoor activities. This Gatlinburg is of paramount importance.

Gatlinburg offers a selection of abundant restaurants. There are numerous night-time entertainment programs. There are bars and cafés where you can freeze and talk. The outdoor pool is perfect for a picnic gathering.

Tourists expect a variety of special events every year in Gatlinburg. There is the Great Smokey Mountain Harvest Festival. This is celebrated during the peak harvest. Photographers are abundant at this time.

Get advanced accommodation when you visit Gatlinburg. Here are some suggestions:
River Road Hotels

River Edge Motor Lodge
One of the best riverfront hotels in River Edge Motor Lodge. They have separate large rooms and private balconies. They are equipped with a microwave, fridge, jacuzzi and fireplace. The hotel is just a short walk from Gatlinburg's beautiful attractions such as the Ripley Aquarium and the National Park.

River Edge Moon Lodge
This hotel is minutes from world-class exhibitions and music theaters.

Edgewater in the aquarium
This is a premier accommodation, a high-rise hotel. Passengers have all kinds of services. Whether on vacation or on the Smokey Mountains hiking, honeymoon or congress, this is the place to be the best in meeting all of these needs. They provide more comfort, security and value. Let us enjoy nature. This place is located in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg.

Midtown Lodge
This hotel is located in the heart of Gatlinburg. The tower building has a balcony overlooking the River Road, the Little Pigeon River and the Christus Garden. The hall is a comfortable place in the lounge. For an extra romantic feeling, you can dine in front of the fireplace.

These three mentioned hotels are just an example. Gatlinburg has several other riverfront hotels. Wherever you choose to stay, visitors will surely find Gatlinburg's beautiful and fabulous.

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