Historical Attractions in Great Britain

Great Britain is a great place to visit if you are interested in history; Many castles, ancient monuments and attractions are visited.

is one of London's most famous sights. The Buckingham Palace and the notorious Tower of London can be visited as a group. One of London's big Red Bus buses can be taken off and part of history and attractions.

British Museum

This museum has more history than any other museum in the world. Five years ago, most of the collections of the museum were stored in the warehouse. Now the show is on the full screen and is ready to impress.


Stonehenge is one of the most prominent man made by the ancient world. Made of high stone that had to be sailed from France to Great Britain, it is believed that this work is 3000 BK. And 1600 BC.

We know very little about this mysterious place, but recent evidence shows that it was originally a burial entourage of a king that had changed over the years as a religious icon. To this day, pilgrims and druids meet all over the world on the longest day of the year.


In the mystery of Arthur's legend, this area lies in the tombs of the true Arthur and Guinevere tombs and is believed to be the site of Avalon Island. Glastonbury Tor is a huge, man-made hill that once housed a temple. Now only the "tor" bell tower is available. When the morning mist covers the surrounding Glastonbury town and slowly goes up the hill, it's easy to imagine the underdog of the legendary lake, the lake's home

Although Glastonbury is great, you should not miss any real group of true buffs. There is also a sacred well that is believed to be one of the possible places of the Holy Grail. Every year, hundreds of pilgrims come to offer prayers and drinks in the hope of benefiting from the blessed water.


The spa and the impressive countryside are one of England's most beautiful locations. Bath, England, is a unique city; The hot springs, the Roman baths, the beautiful abbey and the Georgian Stone Age have attracted visitors for centuries. In the Somerset countryside, about 100 miles west of London, this is a beautiful and unforgettable place.

Tintagel-Tintagel Castle

The Tintagel-Tintagel Castle is also part of the Arthur legend. Though only the ruins of the castle can be seen, Tintagel is considered to be the place where the Countess Mernyl, aka Merlin, fought and lost the fight with Morgan de Fay. It is believed that Merlin's last resting place and ancient ancient knowledge and magic are full of caves. Perfect for the historian in the heart!

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