Paris never enjoys the Bastille Day

As one of Europe's foremost romantic and historic cities, Paris has been attracting travelers around the world for centuries. British holidaymakers enjoyed a particularly long relationship in Paris, partly due to their close mandate, but also because of its sophisticated appeal. But if you are already in Paris and are looking for something new to enjoy the beautiful capital of France, visit July when you take over the Bastille Day celebration.

The Bastille Day or the Fête Nationale is held every year on 14 July and is France's most important national holiday. The Bastille Day itself does not exist to commemorate the storm of Bastille in 1789 – an event that has long been a symbol of the birth of a modern French nation – rather than the Fête de A La Fédération, which occurred a year later. The Fête de la Fédération was essentially a great effort to celebrate the uprising of the constitutional monarchy in France, which many are heading towards the end of the French Revolution.

Today, the Bastille Day celebrations take place throughout France and especially in Paris. One of the primary features of the Paris Bastille Day is a huge military parade in the Champs-Elysées. Here you will find the chairman who runs the parade with planes over planes, as the march moves from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde while the fire department brings it back.

In fact, the fire department plays a major role in Paris. Bastille Day Celebrations. The night before Bastille Day is a series of balls and parties in the capital, and firefighters are at the center of this bals des pompiers. The Bastille Square is also a popular venue for dancing on the eve of the Fête Nationale and a large outdoor Gay Ball for people who are looking for a somewhat crazy celebration.

After the military march of Bastille Day, Parisian party continues in an exciting style. People gather in Champ-de-Mars to see the Trocadero fireworks; Most bars and clubs take their own festivals, so if you do not see the fireworks, you will not stand. If you are in France on the Bastille Day, but you can not get to Paris, you do not need to celebrate the Bastille Day in a unique way in every city and village.

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