Seven Things You Should Know About Iceland Travel

If You Visit In Iceland Only Summer? You need a jigsaw

to get around? Is everything very expensive? What about dangerous animals?

in Iceland? Do you like food and is dangerous in Iceland?

We Try to Respond to These Questions

1. When to Visit Iceland?

This is a question I often get. And there is really no right answer.

Understandably Iceland has many opportunities in the summer,

but if you can only travel in other months, do not hesitate – come on

and visit and enjoy the mood of the given year

There are hotels all year round, trips throughout the year,

Applies only to circumstances like a real icelander 2. Is there a jeep in Iceland?

If you want to travel around the country and usually follow the so-called.

Ring Road (1st Route) and check out the most famous places, you do not have to

Jeep at all

On the other hand, if you want to visit the highland and

that some mountain tracks … must be sure

hiring a jeep

3. Is it all expensive in Iceland?

Certain things are definitely expensive, but if you go ahead well then

really save yourself some money!

There are ways to stay within the budget, you only need to know

to them …

Keep in mind that traveling to Iceland is not about big mass tourism

where things are often cheaper.

What we will find, our spa and you must learn
To enjoy them.

4. Is it difficult to drive to Iceland?

No, it's not difficult, but you have to be very careful because the roads

is not as good as the motorways of major countries. You really have to inform me

in advance, and do not throw away the advice of rental agencies.

5. Do I Love Icelandic Food?

Ah … the food … I can assure you that the Icelandic food

Highest quality.

If you like, you can taste unique Icelandic dishes like the famous skyr

and see if you like, if not, you will probably find all the ingredients

used at home, then some! And if we are in the health of you, we have many stores where you can buy

such foods, which also have and many restaurants are located in Reykjavik, the capital city.

6. Are there dangerous animals in Iceland?

No – no such animals can be found in Iceland. You can not have it

Concern. The worst thing I think is that some bird species, such as

the polar tern or the big skua that do not like people around their eggs or

young people: -)

7. What about water in Iceland? I like to think that there is the best water in the world.

Ears anywhere, homes, hotels, etc. If you see it

a stream that you usually tink directly, though not

we recommend that you drink from our whey rivers that are milky or

is sometimes brown too! : –

Source by Margret Gunnarsdottir

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