Various clove segments and their reports

Carnations are popular all over the world as they live long after cutting and appearing in different colors. They are considered as "flowers of God" because their scientific name comes from two Greek words, which means "flowers" and "God". They are given on different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and St. Patrick's Day. In general, carnations express feelings such as love and astonishment. However, roses, carnations come in rainbow colors, each of which has a different meaning. The sender should therefore examine the meaning of the different colors of the flower before selecting the appropriate layout. This will help you make that bouquet or arrangement smarter. The various colors of the carnation are as follows:


Red carnation means love and admiration. So they often chat with lovers. However, different shades have slightly different meanings. Light red carnations are an adoration, while dark or deep reds show deep love and love. You can give Valentine's Day or someone love to love love. Pink carnation is the most important and most popular among cloves.


The pink clover symbol symbolizes the mother's immortal love for her child and has been associated with a woman's love over the years. They think that they flourished for the first time when the Virgin Mary was crying to Jesus while crucifying his cross. They are therefore suitable for mothers day.


Purple carnation symbolizes whimsical, unpredictable, inflexibility and unreliability. Often due to the symbolism they are given to them at a time of significant change.


Yellow carnations are a disappointment and a rejection for someone. This report is quite different from other yellow flowers. It can be given to someone who was disappointed with the sender. They are often not used in other colors in bouquets.


White carnations represent pure love and good luck. You can give someone a diploma, or if someone is going to go. This color of carnations is also interchangeable between lovers, brothers and friends.


Green carnation is not natural. Each year it is painted on St. Patrick's Day and is given with white carnations. They are also used boutonnieres on this freedom.


Striped clover with repentance and rejection. So flowers can be sympathy when someone dies or refuses a bidder.

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