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If you are looking for a true French experience, but enjoy tropical conditions, consider Martinique. More than French neighbors, Guadeloupe and St. Louis. Barts, Martinique is the social and cultural center of French antillas.

In Martinique, the reasons for the holiday are far beyond the French environment. The exotic island features beautiful sandy-white beaches and lush rainforests. Its population, the Martiniquaise, are both charming and elegant.

The Martinique Mountains are mountainous, especially in the northern rainforest, where the Mantagne Pelee volcano has a height of 4,582 feet. As you travel to the center of the island, the mountains are smaller, the tip of the Carbet peak reached 3397 feet. The hills of southern Martinique, called days with a peak of less than 1400 feet.

Martinique's shape is irregular, with five coves and dozens of coves. The west coast of Martinique faces the Caribbean, its eastern edge bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Forty-one in the capital and the largest city in Fort-de-France.

The island is almost always a mild-footed 75-85-degree cache throughout the year. Cool by the tropical wind called alize . Rains are often frequent, especially in the fall, but at the last minute.

The vegetation of generous Martinique in lush rainforests, including hibiscus, poinsettias, coconut palms, bougainvillea and mango trees. Fruits germinating from the soil of the island include pineapples, bananas, papaya, avocado and pudding apples.

Delicious food plays a major role in Martinique's personality, and excellent Creole cooking is booming along with Creole's customs and traditions. They represent other kitchens in the French and Caribbean fine restaurants.

In addition to Fort-de-France, the resorts of Martinique are the Pointe du Bout, the South Loop (Le Diamant, Ste-Luce, Le Marin and Ste-Anne) loops (Le Carbet, Montagne Pelee, Grand- , Le Marigot, Trinite and Le Francois). Lamentin International Airport is very comfortable in large holiday areas.

Which place to stay depends on the type of vacation you love. If you like history and charm, Fort-de-France can be your choice. The city has dazzling New Orleans style ironwork, flowers and impressive Creole people. But you probably do not want to stay in Fort-de-France if you prefer a beach vacation. You have to jump off a ferry to get to the sand and into the sea.

If you prefer a relaxing holiday, you might want to book accommodation in Pointe du Bout along the Fort-de-France Bay. Pointe du Bout is the largest hotel in Martinique. It is also a destination for tennis, water sports and the nearby Les Trois-Ilets, Robert Trent Jones. Although the beaches of Pointe du Bout are white sand and clear, they tend to be small.

If you are in Pointe du Bout, then there are better options for beaches if you take a taxi or Anse Mitan in the south, where the beaches are large and less crowded and the water is crystalline.

Although the largest resorts in Pointe du Bout, the best spots on the island are scattered. For families, the child-friendly Hotel Carayou in Pointe du Bout is a fantastic choice. The historic Habitation LaGrange at Grand-Rivere is the northern end of the island. Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa is close to Le Francois, the Atlantic Ocean, the finest hotel in Martinique.

Pointe du Bout is a fairly popular restaurant, such as La Villa Creole and Le Pacha. Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa is located near Le Francois, Martinique's most prestigious dining destinations. They are a duo made up of informal Le Campeche, specializing in lunch, Creole, and romantic Le Belem in winter, with French and Antillas.

Martinique dream vacation is an easy book on the Internet. Companies such as travel impressions will help you set up a dream trip. If you like, you can create your own vacation.

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