Bali Day Trips – and Not Another Tourist Attraction

Living and working in Bali is easy to enter into a routine that is nothing other than living anywhere else. Sometimes I forget why I'm here, and when I take it for days, I try to visit those places that were not or were not long enough.

Last week I decided it would be time to deal with some exploration. My first station was a few kilometers from Amed, the eastern shore of Bali.

I've read about a place from Bangle Yeh Maseem – 5 of Holy Springs, and I decided to visit. After leaving the car in the parking lot, a 5-minute walk in the village starts at the beginning of the tour. A narrow, slippery path runs into a river that has to be crossed, so do not wear your dancing shoes. From the other side it enters a beautiful bamboo forest. The bamboo's voice whispering in the breeze, to me, pure magic. They went a little further with a family with a baby, whom the father carried and showed me proudly. We met an old man who banged slowly, of course, stopped when he saw me, asked my guides / guides the usual questions in Balinese – where are you going? When I answered Indonesian, I was very surprised because not many foreign speakers speak the language. It is possible that he does not understand me at all, as it is quite common for elderly Balinus to speak Indonesian, but only to their local language. Although this is a short walk / hike, I bought about an hour later when I stopped photographing the beautiful Balinese landscape – rice terraces, Enveloped hills, and exploring exotic fruits like pudding apples, growing wild.

When I came to a small church, I had a break, then turned around to get back to the car. Because the second target of the day was about two hours drive.

Pura Pasar Agung

Although far away, the 1600m Pura Pasar Agung Group is the Mt. Agung, Bali's most affluent mountain, belongs to the Besakih Group, the mother's temple in Bali.

I noticed the steps from the parking lot and even more steps that went steeply toward the church. He is not the youngest or most suitable person, I started to stir up some kind of fear, I'm not sure I'm going to go to church. But I did, and fortunately I only knew that about 300 steps were needed. On the way, we met with a group of young men who came from the temple, still wearing their beautiful temple clothes. I never experience how close the religion is to the daily activities in Bali.

The Pura Pasar Agung has impressive temples and shrines, Mount Agung exerts tremendous pressure on the background. This is one of the beginnings of the tours of Mount Agung for which I had no intention. I stopped on the way home and bought freshly harvested pork, the famous and very delicious local fruit that we call snake fruit. Neither near Amed nor in Pura Pasar Agung I met with tourists and souvenir sellers, which was a real blessing and I remembered why I live in Bali.

Source by Sybille Conrad

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