to be the best travel tips and hacks to know

Want to travel on a budget, or just want to grab a good deal? Try these tips to save big travel for your next vacation.

Where can you get

Instead of hitting up all the major attractions at your destination, check out these local resources for educational, exciting and relaxing time in a smaller space.

  • Local park districts – to get into the local scene in the vacation destination of events, such as local concerts, ice skating rink and zoos.
  • Cultural Events – San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade in Pow Wows New Mexico, cultural events is a simple way to keep your traditions, you've never experienced, wherever you go.
  • Minor historical sites – See history reveals itself in small plantations, historic monuments and battlefields. They offer a similar experience at a fraction of the cost of larger areas.
  • Museum – There are museums all over the world interested in, so be sure to look for them the next weekend for free or a small donation.
  • National Wildlife Refuges – beautiful views and world-class entertainment at a fraction less than the national parks and monuments.

How to Catch Good Hotel Deals

travel during the off-season so you get a good deal, it will fall easily into the budget. You can also join various rewards programs they offer great hotel deals. Keep following the hotel's various social media platforms to follow their bids.

Transport in

  • Save The Date – Please note that when booking a flight less popular times or days of the week usually save you money. Avoid traveling on Fridays and Sundays, as they are the most expensive days.
  • Flying? Pack Light – the majority of airlines expect to check in baggage. A lot of fees does not seem like a big deal, but it can build up and eat on a tight budget. The fewer bags package, the less it will cost.
  • To the public – Public transport is cheap, efficient way to travel. Shopping can save you a week or 24-hour pass a lot of money if you stay for a few days or more.
  • By bus – Bus companies offer steep discounts getting from town to town, some even as low as a few dollars. Go to the website 30 days prior to departure at the best price.
  • Renting a car? – The price after the rental car reservation and booking a non-airport location of the backup. Many car rental companies offer pick-up service from the airport.

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