Rental Cars and a Hybrid Vehicle Option

Some car rental companies are now leasing hybrid cars. And you may think that this is an exceptional thing for a car rental office to do, but it is also a cost for automated rental agencies to make more rent for this type of car for several reasons. The first reason is the return on investment; Hybrid cars usually cost $ 15- $ 20,000 more than conventional cars of the same type, style and size. Plus, they have greater maintenance and more things are bad because the hybrid car has an electrical system and extra accessories as well as a regular engine. These are very complicated vehicles and must be addressed by Murphy & # 39; Law.

Some car rental companies in major cities offer all electrical plug-ins as part of a car rental fleet. This is also a big challenge because somebody does not drive and every electric car can not be accomplished so that it ' And easily discharges the battery and will not be able to plug it in somewhere. And not all hotels have where to plug it. That's why people get stranded and they have the vehicle towed back to the rental agency. This is caused by angry buyers due to additional fees and charges on your credit card and a whole bunch of worries about your rental car agency.

There is a good chance that a customer can become nervous and do not want the frequent to have a car rental brand again. There are all kinds of problems with these things. Additionally, hybrid cars because it is so complicated and more systems have a higher chance of recalling from the manufacturer. There is a new law in California and also accept other states car rental companies can not rent a car that will recall them until they have been repaired and upgraded.

This means that a car rental agency that might have five or 10 hybrid cars out of the market when & # 39; And recall all at the same time. This is not happening too often, but car rental agencies can think of a whole good corporate citizen as an environmentally friendly motive. So, can you ask why car hire is bothering you to do that? Some have to do with PR because it makes consumers feel good about renting a company that is proud of being environmentally friendly.

But in general, this is a losing return point of view. At least that was in the past. As more and more wholly electric and hybrid cars enter the market, more consumers have these types of cars at home, they will be more inclined to rent them, then the price comes down and the rate of return is the future of automotive rental agencies. We are now a transition period and every business decision on this line should be carefully considered. In fact, I hope you please think about it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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