European Flight Travel Laws

a flight does not carry any items listed below

O Many flights do not allow you to carry any liquids or liquids, including perfume, hair spray, shampoos have been banned due to the recent security measures (please check the flight company)

O in any situation, do drugs, heroin and brown sugar and any other drugs.

O Needless Although he never performed any compressed gas cylinders, such as oxygen, butane, and Aqualung.

O Corrosive as acids, alkalis, mercury and cells in wet bases, fireworks, guns and flares

O lighters, matches, magnetic materials, offensive irritating materials without drugs regulations.
(There are few other items that are banned in some countries which have lead to the deprivation of liberty is therefore an extra careful not to break any rules and never forget to ask for a copy of a travel law agent)

External Countries Act

O If the flight is full and you want to quit should always ask for better incentives, if you feel you do not offer it.

O If the baggage is expensive and you want to declare a higher value, then please take the time of the audit, and the airline will be liable in case of loss.

O Europe rules are very strict, so if you know that you have victime & # 39; bait and switch & # 39; not to forget to file a complaint with the Attorney General of the state. The results are much faster than the traveler because tourism is big business in Europe, and they do not want to lose the tourists.

OA major car rental service provides free help if you have a flat tire, so do not forget to contact the company in case you face such a situation

O European countries have strict rules against breaking the law so that incase if only one not to panic, and always let them know that you may be foreign to let go.

O littering the garden or tourist attraction could end you in serious penalties, so always remember that crates.

O Never bribe a police officer in the European countries, which could lead to severe fines or imprimination.

O Never overtake or drive fast they will levy heavy charges on you. Always follow the instructions of traffic lights and road, which is very well organized in European countries.

O Always be polite people do not trust a stranger in Europe, because there are thieves and bag snatchers tourist locations

O Gay Sex and lesbians are not encouraged at all locations on this continent unless Amsterdam (where city ​​Netherlands), where free sex is allowed.

O If you are caught with a prostitute or whore you may end severe imprisonment.

O Never drink too much, because if you get the unconscious the police might catch you and jail.

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