Frontier City

Frontier City is the largest theme park in the state of Oklahoma. Located in Oklahoma City, the park is open April through October. Known in the West theme, the park offers a variety of tours. Three amazing roller coaster – the Wildcat, Diamondback and Silver Bullet – as well as two water rides – the Renegade Rapids Mystery River Log Flume and – up to 50 form part of the bid.

Apart from the above mentioned death-defying thrill of roller coasters and water rides, Frontier City offers plenty of other thrills and spills. Quick Draw is one of them. This is an interactive dark ride where riders gun in the hands of the infrared LED to shoot targets, based on which each competitor will receive a score. The Executioner is a tower / drop ride. Here rider sitting on the seat ring utilize a cable system, which will take the riders strapped in their seats into the air a few minutes before falling back.

The Mystery River Log Flume contains a log of themed boat ride in a water channel, and the Renegade Rapids carries visitors simulated whitewater rapids. Frontier City theme parks have been really live up to future studies Oklahoma. It holds the record for having the highest roller coaster in Oklahoma, the Silver Bullet to rise up to 83 feet top speed of 45mph.

homes Oklahoma City is a really exciting vacation to look forward. Frontier City provides a complete thrill for all members of the family. Hotels arrange a shuttle service to Frontier City in Oklahoma City and other vacation destinations.

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