Are Bose 601 speakers are really the best?

who loves music and crisp, clear sound, the Bose name probably means a lot more than "speaking company". In fact, the Bose has long been known that the best speakers on the market. The revolutionary technology that began with the speaker Bose 601 series and more than 20 years later, the product is still opposed, but also the best sound engineers in the world. But is it really the best speakers ever? Well, the short answer is yes, and no.

in 1982, when he first came on the market, Bose 601 speakers have been using the latest technology, which is the most crystal-clear sound and smooth base is available. Although the series ceased, the quality of these speakers will bring the most widely used brand of shame. Their durability is no doubt many of the original models are still fully operational. And though after they highlyought, there are many places on the Internet where you can bid on or buy these gorgeous vintage models. The guided technology to build these speakers means that it will stand up against many of today & # 39; s competition. And the crystal-clear sound, durability and revolutionary sound disbursement functions, these are truly unique offer in the market.

but some down-sides of the Bose 601 Series loudspeakers. First of all, this system requires a high-quality amplifier to function properly. You & # 39; You ll never be able to hear the full potential without the speakers. Second, if you plan to use these speakers with a surround sound system, you & # 39; ll need to purchase other Bose products, to make it work, including the VSC-10 channel and a pair of Bose 161 speakers. Third, some say that while the cases are very attractive and modern in 1982, then light cherry or dark gray surfaces do not work so well in today & # 39; and home furnishings, so you may need to paint the cabinets to suit your taste. Finally, although they are widely available on online auction sites such as eBay, it is still not the "common" and therefore can be a bit pricey if you add the shipping costs and fees (if importing them or another country.

all in all, if you can find a range of Bose601 series of speakers, you can go to a little trouble to find them, as will your local electronics store – but the reason to the enduring popularity is evident the moment you switch on the device

Source by Shawn Parker

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