Why Yorkshire Gem of the British surf?

Maybe this is a fantastic surf, friendly people, and a variety of geographic north-eastern coast. Perhaps a combination of all these factors is that the drawing crowds to the North East and Yorkshire and seductive hardened surfers away from the traditional south-western surf locations.

Over the last 20 years seems to Yorkshire and the north-eastern coast line has become increasingly popular with surfers, those that know their stuff appreciate the varied coastline stretches approximately refuse Point down to Staithes, Saltburn and Redcar.

Many have suggested that this in spite of the length of coastline is one of the most interesting surfing in the country. Starting Point refuse thin peninsula that snakes its way out of the mouth of the Humber estuary and finishing around the Redcar geology, geography, beaches, bays and impressive geographical features there for all to see. The South Point is arguably about Bridlington rejected the coast is relatively low-lying coast.

As for surfing in the gently rolling bottom to a cleaner wave, when the big north swell locks into place, however, it is usually only the more extreme conditions that are good for surfing, the beaches here yet safe free of rocks and can be very affected style large tourist crowds. Recommended places to surf Bridlington in East Yorkshire would, Fraisthorpe, Barmston, Hornsea and Withensea. This part of the coast in particular is synonymous surfers who take advantage of the space of regular winds and easy access to beaches throughout the Fraisthorpe particular area.

The Flamborough area of ​​Filey Bay is dominated by limestone cliffs to reach the pinnacle of Bempton what could be some of the most spectacular coastal geological features of the country. However, this is difficult to achieve in the water along the cliffs rise vertically over 100 feet in places. At the end of the northernmost part of the Cretaceous limestone and rocks around Speeton subside, and marked the beginning of Filey Bay. Starting around Reighton and the provision of Filey Brigg Bay 6 miles or 10 kilometers There are great surf spots along, easy beach breaks that come to life on the big north swell. Reighton, Hunmanby Gap and the Primrose Valley on the main spots on the stretch of sand, and great longboarding spots. The northern part of the Gulf of Filey Brigg protected by a large swelling of a large rock feature set off from the North Sea to a natural shelter. under

north about three miles between Filey and Cayton Bay in difficult terrain provides access to the beach, the comments at Cayton Bay itself which has developed a reputation as a fantastic surfing destination in the day. supported by the beach Cayton Bay Surf School, which offers not only lessons, but the surfing accessories, food and free hot showers. There is also parking near the store. Wide, with the three breaks in Pump House, fuel and Point. The Pumphouse break mid tide, and is situated in the northern end of the bay, a wave of rapid shelves due to the nature of the coast, and a quick take-off is essential. Many people think this is the wave that longboarding is good because it's nice and smooth over time, but the starting area, we recommend to be careful on the rocks. Bunkers to the medium tide surf spot which is great for all abilities and is situated in the old second world war bunker is regarded in his day as a violation of the classic break. There's also a beach break on the front steps as she came down to the surf shop and is popular with beginners and the area is often chosen their lessons surf school. The ruling advanced surfers break point can be found in the extreme northern edge of the bay leading off the rocky headland. This break can only pick up the appropriate rare diseases, and can produce high barreling wave that only the most capable surfers really tries, the point is notoriously rocky bottom and the water in several waves especially shallow. However, at the time of this wave can rival anywhere in the UK. It is best advised to simultaneously respect the locals and wait for the confirmation of any formation on a day when this wave is someone who works in the depth to be rude or annoying if you behave irresponsibly.

Moving to the north follows the well-known breaks are located in the South Bay in Scarborough. As a surfer town would be spoiled for choice in terms of surf shops and places to buy equipment or accessories for about 4 or 5 business based in the city, as well as a pair and the beaches of North and South Bay.

The two bays of Scarborough tend to interact with each other. If you have a big north swell picks up and makes the North Bay is safe, then the more sheltered southern bay more often then not the place to surf. Since the beaches are very popular surfing areas advised again that respects all line up on busy days, but the locals are generally known to be friendly and supportive of respectful visitors and cities surf shops are great places for advice or any help, who know the local breaks. Bay Surf Secret Spot can be found in the city and Blue Crush the Sands Holiday development of the North Bay and liquid Concept of Spa complex in the South Bay.

Beginning in the South Bay mansion round a natural harbor which takes the wave height, although it helps in generating cleaner wave, which is ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers. The area is regarded as the best bar in the middle of the tide in the East or South East swell before the entertainment area can produce some big waves.

The North Bay consists of three main waves, Supersucks as it is known locally is located on the north end of the beach and a wave, which tends to produce the goods just in time conditions in eastern southeast swell, but this produces fast hollow waves. Middle Peak works well in most conditions and produce beautiful waves good days, visitors are advised to alert the tide as the waves crash when you complete the sea wall of the explosive anger many visitors Scarborough Marine Drive vouch for winter storms. Finally. Law as we know creates a right-hand wave in the southern edge of the bay, it could be again under the right conditions a world-class wave, but it can be treacherous to all, but the more talented surfers frequent rocks that could be hidden more water.

From the North Bay in Scarborough or Whitby is a coastal stretch of about 20 miles, often not documented in areas that are known to have some fantastic surfing, this area is really a great place for adventurous and daring surfers to explore there is not much to document this area of ​​the Yorkshire coast, although it is known that there may be some areas along that this is not a commercially supported and well worth a visit. For example there are some breaks around Robin Hood Bay, which normally rarely visited through the long reef there.

There are several known breaks can be found around the Whitby area. There is a great beach break between Sandsend and Whitby Upgang beach, and it's also powerful enough to swell the north although this area is often quite crowded, especially during the holidays. Local surf shops can be found in Zero Gravity Flowergate and the only surf shop in the area from Saltburn. Zero Gravity The staff is happy to help with any advice and point people in the right direction.

The following notable surfing destination of our journey out of the Yorkshire Coast Runswick Bay. The features can be found in a free reef and point breaks that is consistent surfing conditions. Like many surfing spots on this coast is the best swells come from the north, the conditions here, rather than have that the more talented surfers, as there is no beach break and a variety of rock, which can be dangerous. The bonus is that the beach is often crowded compared to the beaches on the Whitby also, Scarborough. The nearby Cove, as it is known, is also a reef break, which operates under similar conditions and is known to be a world-class conditions, the right kind of swelling usually in the colder winter months.

The aim of Staithes surf addition to the list of hot spots, Staithes has developed some of the finest surf conditions in a famous area if the conditions are right. The right conditions especially in the winter months produce large waves barreling should try only the most feasible. This adds to the charm of the beautiful seaside village that was once home to Captain Cook. Many of the secrets of surfing Staithes remains a closely guarded knowledge of locals and surfing enthusiasts in the area who want to preserve the charm of the site.

Although strictly Cleveland it would be wrong not to mention Saltburn. Saltburn has developed a good reputation over the years of surfing, iconic and famous pier, which many surfers are known to jump off as a way of entering the water! There is a good beach break there, as well as a powerful tide toward the east bank of the so-called penny hole. The beach is served by Saltburn Surf School.

Overall, the Yorkshire Coast surfing mecca and offers something for beginners right through to advanced skills. Combine this with the fact that much of the scenery is spectacular coastline situated within the national park, as well as the additional bonus of a little weight and the friendly people in Yorkshire and the result is a place that is great. Hopefully surfing gains popularity and more people enter the sport fundamentals, which in this area so special can remain constant while surfing the integrity of the area intact.

Source by Nick Zakrzewski

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