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Essentially a free PostgreSQL object-relational database. This unique database management system is considered one of the most advanced open source DBMS. As a result, it is effective to provide the most common features of quality commercial DBMSs, such as support for his views, sub queries, external buttons, triggers, transactions, locks, and maintain consistency of data mechanisms. Another advantage of this special database that can store large amounts of binary objects effectively, such as voice, video, and photo files. Many popular operating system, which can easily run in a database, such as UNIX, Windows and Linux. Although, this is a perfect selection to the DBMS but should be considered, more perfect PostgreSQL database activity monitoring on a primary basis. With the help of an effective monitoring tool, you will definitely be able to recognize all the activities of the database in real time. These tools are really effective in helping to identify illegal, false, or any unwanted behavior of the users.

using these tools, it would also be able to track transactions easily. You can easily keep track of the actions of privileged users with great ease. When preserving the security of a specific database, you just need to look for efficient database activity monitoring tool to fulfill your purpose in the most efficient manner. Some sophisticated learning algorithms are used to monitor the PostgreSQL database transactions. These learning algorithms to analyze primarily the corporate network traffic across multiple platforms. More importantly, it also creates a white list of some typical queries. It was a matter of self-learning algorithms to save a lot of time and simplifies the administrator for further optimization of security software simultaneously.

In addition, convenient controls, as well as the skip rules to simplify the process of managing a database. Moreover, it provides detailed information about configuration changes and user actions. When it comes to regulatory mandates like SOX, PCI DSS and IPAA, the PostgreSQL database activity monitoring tool will certainly help you in the most efficient manner. Such tools efficiently identify atypical transactions privilege escalation, attack attempts and unauthorized access to privileged users. What are you waiting for? Keep yourself aware of any suspicious operations in the corporate network and maintain the database activity monitoring tool provides security expert!

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