Lotus Car Show and Vehicle History

Lotus is a British sports car in Norfolk. The company was founded by Colin Chapman in 1952. The company had an immediate success on both the racetrack and the sports deck. Like all automakers in the 1970s, Lotus faced financial difficulties and had many new owners.

When Colin Chapman died in 1982, the car appeared on the racing track as the number one car. The company was sold to GM in 1986. It was owned by several owners. Lotus has also been renamed by providing engineering design consultancy to other automotive manufacturers such as Opal, Saab and Saturn.

Lotus Engineering helped Cortina, Vauxhall, Dodge Ghost, Tesla Roadster, Toyota Supra and Europa.

Lotus' greatest success was archived in Formula 1, which has been a challenge for Ferrari for the Formula 1 championship in the past 30 years.

Today, Elise introduced itself to the North American market. Elegant, Toyota engine is a classic sports car. In the US, other models include Exige, which still has to give a name.

Today, Lotus has incorporated the Aluminum Performance Crossover for its new mid-size cars. These powerful, front-mounted V6 engines have long been available in the US. In 2007, Lotus decided to create some new car manufacturing in the US.

Models developed in the US include Excel and Spirit. In the future, Lotus Engineering is committed to developing a new generation of hybrid and electric vehicles. While there is a lot of humor that will be green, the current global downturn puts every plan on the shelf.

Source by Eric Herskowitz

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