Land O Lakes – Friendly Florida Community

If there is one word that is landing the Land O Lakes in Florida, then it's a community. Located in the fast-growing Pasco County, Land O Lakes combines the friendship and charm of the small town with the fun-filled lifestyle and style of florida days. The centrally located Land O Lakes is close to everything – just minutes from downtown Tampa and less than an hour's drive from the Gulf Coast. The hotel offers wonderful activities from cycling and boat to shopping and clubbing. Land O Lakes, about 20,000, is not a company in Pasco County, one of Florida's fastest growing counties.

Countryside atmosphere and easy access to major city services Land O Lakes is a popular venue for new developments and plenty of flats are available. These families consist of one family house with up to four bedrooms, intimate studio apartments and houses in the entrances. Housing prices are still considerably lower than in most Gulf communities, even for lakeside real estate. If you are looking for a great place to raise a family or a unique life, then Land O Lakes offers a lot of things.


Pasco has 30 state parks and recreational areas including three canoe routes and Land O Lakes Recreation Complext, offering canoe and boat ramp access and a full community center. Pond fishing is spectacular, and many hiking trails range from comfortable walks to challenging hiking trails through the country's most beautiful wetland habitats and meadows.

If the idea of ​​leisure is more social, Land O Lakes is just a short drive from the shimmering lights of downtown Tampa. Land O Lakes has several annual festivals sparkling with small town charm, including the annual Famous Flapjack Festival, the Jellybean Jamboree, the Business Expo and the Towne Festival.

Land O Lakes is a unique and refreshing mix of old Floridian architecture and modern architecture. Home prices range from $ 100,000 to $ 1,000,000 and more homes that are made up of cozy lakeside houses, providing stunning water views to the full range of luxury resorts and lakeside access. Although house prices have risen over the past five years as Tampa has expanded, there are still many properties available in Land O Lakes at a reasonable price. Bring your family home to the Land O Lakes and enjoy the tranquility of the sunny Florida hometown.

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