birth control pills and laxatives

a common problem affecting people in today's sedentary lifestyle constipation. It is therefore not surprising that the extremely popular laxatives. Laxatives are medicines, foods, or any other lubricant material is used to stimulate bowel movements, mostly to treat constipation. While laxatives helps remove undigested food material is present in the large intestine and colon, high doses can result in diarrhea.

The use of contact laxatives and efficacy of oral contraceptives

There is not enough medical evidence of a direct link between the use of laxatives and effectiveness of birth control pills. However, as a general understanding of when laxatives can cause diarrhea, they impede effective birth control pill in the body. There is a possibility that you are pregnant then, as the tablet is not absorbed as it should have been, if one does not have laxatives induced diarrhea and vomiting. It has been observed that if there is vomiting within two hours of the tablet, one should consider it missed pill. In addition, if one of three or more loose stools for a few days, the effectiveness of the tablets decreased.

The Castor example: A laxative and a contraceptive measure

castor oil used in the production of castor seed, which, while a strong laxative, also has the ability to induce labor for pregnant women. Given this potential ability to stimulate the uterus, it should also be given to the effect of the contraceptive mechanism. Although the effects are not proven, it is possible to research its effectiveness both as a contraceptive method, and a laxative.


Although the exact relationship between birth control pills and laxatives has not been proven, it is important to understand that not taking laxatives great idea for a long time, and certainly not good for the intestines. What can you do to cure mild constipation it can turn out to be a vicious cycle over dependence on laxatives! If constipation treated and birth control pills, you may have a better idea is to improve the overall lifestyle than relying on laxatives. You may switch to a better healthier alternatives. Try the following:

Exercise: Regular exercise and workout will work well for the whole body, and forms.

a healthy diet: Eating a fiber-rich diet is a lot of salads and pulses a great idea to stimulate the intestines and ensures removal of waste matter.

Drink plenty of water: the ultimate body's natural cleansing and always will be water. It helps flush out toxins from the colon and intestines.

Finally, in case you still have constipation and birth control pills, a visit to the doctor would be the best solution!

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