10 Interesting Facts About Archangel Raphael

1. Raphael means "God heals". Raphael cures physical, emotional and mental problems, and sometimes the so-called "divine doctor". They think that Rafael healed Abraham after his circumcision. Raphael also cured Jacob when he was wrestling with an angel after he had loosened the hip. Raphael usually holds a fish. This fish, which Tobias caught while traveling to Raphael. Raphael told her to cut the hearts, liver and gall of the fish. Tobias, who did not know the traveling companion, Raphael asked this strange request. Man told him that smoke from the heart and the liver would seduce the evil spirits, and the bile would restore his eyes with some white film in his eyes. The road was successful. Tobias was paid for the money paid; She found the bride and Rafael taught her how to use the smoke from the heart and the liver to seduce the demon within her bride. When he returned home, Raphael showed him how to use the epitome to restore his father's vision. Only then did Raphael identify himself. On Tobias Road, Raphael is known as the defender of travelers. He has a good sense of humor and a good companion. Hence, they often portray pilgrims, wear a hat, and carry a walking stick and a pumpkin containing water or medication

. Raphael is both a teacher and a healer. He taught Tobias how to heal his father. It teaches us how to heal ourselves with the wounds you are causing through our actions. He also heals the wound of all mankind and is called the Angel of Guardian of Humanity.

5. According to the Jewish legend, Raphael helped Noah to love his knowledge of what he needed to build his chest. After the death of the flood, Noah gave a medical book.

6. Raphael helped King Solomon build his great temple. God gave Rafael a special ring to give to Rafael. This ring allowed Solomon to instruct thousands of demons to complete the temple. This magical ring contained a pentagram or five-star star on the seal. As a result, the pentagon has become the first medical symbol.

7. Probably Raphael was the angel who entered the pool in Bethesda. The first person who came into the water at this famous healing center after the angel was disturbed immediately recovered from all illnesses (John 5: 2-4). Raphael in John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost. During the conversation, Adam asked Raphael if the angels had sex. Raphael blushed when he explained that angels were enjoying spiritual sex

. Raphael (1483-1520), the famous Italian artist named after the archangel and painted it twice. In one, Raphael presents the infant Tobias to the Virgin Mary, who is the infant Jesus in his arms. Tobias has a small fish.

10. In 1918, an English nurse named Joy Snell wrote the book of the Ministry of Angels. In this, he described how Raphael was seen regularly in seriously ill patients. When he saw her, she knew the patient would return.

Source by Richard Webster

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