Shopping on the Black Sea coast Bulgaria

Sunshine, high temperatures, warmer seas, smaller cities, affordable prices and individual beaches make the Blacks of the Southern Black Sea more attractive to the real estate buyers and investors.


More than 700,000 foreign tourists are expected this summer in Nessebur, this tourism development will drive better services and infrastructure along the Black Sea coast, boosting popularity with customers. Thomas Cook, Thompson and the First Choir all say that according to their bookings this year, they will find more English tourists than ever in the Black Sea. The first tourists have arrived – early enough on April 4th. The main tourism companies expect an increase of around 11% compared to last year among tourists.

Bourgas Airport

Kalin Barzov, managing director of the airport, presented the project to the demanding new terminal at Burgas Airport on March 30 this year. After completing the airport capacity, it passes a million passengers every season. He said that the entrance of the new terminal was built into the Aviation Museum and the baggage hall is about 1000 m². The project also includes 30 additional bus lanes in the parking lot and 80 additional parking spaces.


The main features of this area are small towns and beaches. There are a number of separate small beaches separated by rocky peninsulas in the sea. It creates deep deep deep sea depths that protect the beaches from the cold wind in winter, making this area more suitable for tourism throughout the year. In this southern part of the coast, cities are usually smaller and smaller, often more affordable properties. However, as this area is rapidly evolving, prices, in line with the tendency of most markets, are rising at a rapid pace, but are still typically lower than those in Varna. At prices, the sea here is typically 1-3 degrees warmer than the northern part of the coast, and the region also offers a longer period of temperature below 20 degrees Celsius.

is constantly evolving, infrastructure is improving steadily, most of the local authorities in the region find it very upsetting to avoid overproduction and overdraft – their own words "We do not want another Benidorm!" – He told.

There is a wide range of available properties available from outside the beach, with magnificent views to build their own sleeping houses, to renovate rural homes from the beach. As always, the properties that are just on land are considerably cheaper than beachfronts. Ask the agents who specialize in this area where property hotspots and the answer always looks the same – "the whole thing!"

Where to Buy

In the clear place of the Golden Sands, outside the Sunny Beach, and leaving the towns of Burgas and Nessebur, a brief description of the main land acquisition areas from Sozopol to the south:

Sozopol's old city and its surroundings are rapidly becoming the main objective. Prices are lower than Varna. You can still find it at an affordable price. Off-plan improvements here are smaller. Some wonderful developments on the rocks, with impressive views reminding you of Italy.

Duni Holiday Village is a fresh resort complex set on a beautiful 4.5-km beach. The resort consists of three originally designed main areas consisting of separate architectural ensembles with their own distinctive style and ambiance:

Going south from the coast, the shoreline becomes even more beautiful. The forests of the Strandzha Mountains are close to the sea and provide an exceptional area for the forest and the sea for investment.

From the south this is Stomoplo. This coast is the northernmost known coastal resort of Primorsko. Here is a 2,300 meter long beach with beautiful and wide sand dunes. Primorsko and Kiten (a small gem) have become known for their seaside resorts and are popular with real estate buyers.

To the south of the small peninsula where there is Kiten, you can see the magnificent Atliman Bay. To the south of this point there are new beautiful unspoiled beaches: Karaagach, Lozen, Gochov Ergek, Popadiiski, Tzarevo, Varvaski and Ahtopol. They are getting more and more popular with customers, prices are very affordable and affordable.

Now at the south end you can find Sinemorets and Rezovo villages (directly on the border of Turkey). The village of Sinemorets was a limited border area when Bulgaria was under Communist rule. Foreigners did not have permission, but this rule was abolished and became very attractive to the wealthy Bulgarians who bought both land and built large villas here. Prices in the area of ​​†<†<a beautiful traditional house are only on land 13.000 euros, apartments Pomorie ranging from 74.000 euros and under construction, Varvara apartments from 43.965 euros – up to a luxurious newly built villa with air conditioning, swimming pool, wonderful views of the bay, 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms with 240,000 euros.

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