What is Google Dance?

From time to time, Google does not look like a search engine – a lifeless tool for processing users. questions, but rather a Terpsichore, what movements make people breathe and fear. In fact, since 2000, Google has been fascinating / unimaginable / unpleasant (unparalleled) dance, but every time something similar and unpredictable has been made with both the update and the results.

Such interesting issues as the technical background, Matt Cutts & explanations, notorious updates, such as Jagger and PageRank jump, have been studied on the Internet, so ignore the mere words and concentrate on another topic: Everyone knows that dance is Google's nature, but someone has ever wondered is the dance exactly what you are doing?

Through related forums, I reviewed people's views by the style of dance style.

So this time Mr. G., the honorable artist of the World Wide Web scene, can dance

* seductive tango. Many webmasters were surprised by the results of the January update, since after PageRank, after Google Dance, they received a noble, deep green color and their rank was more tempting:

"One of my blogs was PR2 in 3 years now, I feel like ta-da-dam … – a well-organized minuet. Quite weird, but despite all Google delays (eg October 2007 and October 2005, when PageRank was not updated for six months), some website owners still believe Google's regular feature: 19459002

"Google updates regularly – up and down." From the sources I found out, the following changes were made on April 14, 2008. "Oops … you seem to be wrong? ..

* chaotic rave. Meanwhile, many users do not make any orders in Google's on-site order as they behave strangely and intend to mess in the minds of webmasters:

"Hey folks, something really weird with Google Yesterday the PR was from 0 to 2 – I expected it for my relationship – but I checked it a few hours later and I saw the PR0 again … Anyone know what the hell is going on? & # 39, 19459002, 19459004, 19459007, 19459005, 19459005, 19459007, 19459007, 19459007, 19459007, 19459007, "mezzo allegro" a current update is coming soon, but you never know what to expect from Google. "

* Nonsense chicken dancing, while some webmasters are crazy about PR color, others reject the importance of managing a philosophical update: [1 9459003]

"It's really people, PageRank does not matter in SEO, so do not worry. Just focus on SEO. "

* other versions Do you know other dances on which Google is good?

Source by Tina Young

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