New Zealand Horse Racing West Coast Circuit

The West Coast Summer Racecourse begins at Boxing Day at the start of Westport's two-day Harness meeting and ends in galloping meetings in mid-January. Some people are more interested in hemorrhoids than in claws and vice versa. When selecting winners in both codes, it is important to keep a cool head and not let emotions enter your calculations, and most importantly, do not get greed. I mean, I'm not attracted to multiple bets like Triffs, First Fours, Quaddies, and so on.

The Westport Cup is the main event of the race on the first day of the race, starting on the Boxing Day. This is usually won by a very good horse, but it is not always like a strange year with a surprising result. It is worth following the form of competition. So I mean that the first three homes in the Westport Cup are usually placed on the day of Westport and Reefton Cup on December 30th. Harness racing offers a lot of fun and profit if you can find some winners. Keep in mind that the most beloved competitors will win the most races.

The full phase of the circuit begins on January 7 at the Greymouth Jockey Club's Omoto meeting. The Greymouth Cup is a daily game. Kevin Myers Stable has a good result at Omoto.

The next is the Hokitika meeting of the Westland Racing Club on January 10, where the day is Miss Scenicland Stakes, a weight-loss race for fillies and mares

Iconic Kumara Racing Club January 13 . This meeting attracted a great gathering from the southern islands and some of the northern islands. For many, this is the only competition that will be held annually. The Kumara Gold Nuggets Handicap is a daily game. In recent years, very good horses have won, including Titch, who later won the Auckland Cup.

The last meeting at the Reefton Jockey Club on January 16th at the Main Event at the Reefton Cup. The Reefton meeting is usually the first in the galopp area, but the dates have changed to 2018.

It is important to note that the dates shown here are for 2018 and vary annually.

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