Did your bumper really knock out the blows?

The Highway Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS) is one of the most reliable sources of information on car and driving safety. This group says that after some tests they were able to find out how the car's bumper works (or does not work) to keep the vehicle safe between fender bands.

The group tested mid-sized vehicles and worked with 17 units. Only three units of this number were good. These three vehicles are Mitsubishi Galan, Mazda6 and Toyota Camry. They were able to cause $ 1,500 damage or even less when all the collapse tests in the IIHS were completed. Vehicles tested by the IIHS were equipped with bumpers that did not work well enough. After the tests, it is estimated that the other vehicles have returned the damage, which is about $ 4,500 and $ 9,000.

Adrian Lund of the President "The tests show how bumpers protect cars from damage caused by everyday injuries and parts that are expensive to repair , but this goal was only performed during the two 68 tests performed.

After a deeper understanding of the situation, this is true when insurance companies say they could send over $ 6 billion a year to the front crash and back When a bumper does not work well, the back and front collisions can seriously damage Chevy's body parts, even if it gets even worse.