Womens Tool Kit – Top 15 Items Every server must keep in the workplace and why

I still admire when staff are at work and are not ready for their work. When a new server joins our team, we spent a lot of daily workouts with each other on our various works. In these "training days" you will see the ropes, the eggs and everything else you need. While these new girls are trained, the pen and the calculator are used. This is when we emphasize that they must bring their own tools. I'm always the one who shakes my head when the same person shows up with empty hands after shift shifts.

I'll give you a list of the most important 15 items that I feel like any waitress keeps either in a closet or bag, with a brief explanation of why.

1) One handful would be useful. Write something for this job. You might have a food order, a customer or two need to enter a credit card, run a pen with the ink, the customer has to borrow a phone number or message, the pen is mysteriously disappearing, and of course a useful one for the new employee who works empty-handed every shift!

2) Calculator – Find a practical solution between the servers on the boards. It's also good for double checking the calculations.

3) Scissors – always useful for something and when they're not around them, this time seems to you the most. 4) Ribbon – Used to wear a ribbon to marry a cut off account, it may be necessary to place an unmarked mark on the cigarette or lottery. How to say "Kick ME" on his back … just joking!

5) Felt Marker – I use it several times a week for my label to sign a poster for a dancer. Use the names to indicate the placemarks and T-shirts.

– get rid of headache, free

– getting rid of headache free

7) Gum or mint garlic or onion. If it is cold, it helps to reduce the bad breath. If you tend to chew your gum like a cow, keep it away and replace a mint. 9) Lipstick or lip – you know why

10) Extra black skirt – In case of an accident such as spilled or cut

11) Extra top Like some hot sauce.

12) Sweater – especially useful in the winter months. Place a sweater and do not twist the temperature meter in the bar. Keep the guests comfortably in the room and not yourself.

13) Extra Footwear – a stitch or a zipper interrupts the boots. Sometimes changing footwear is a welcome change to relieve pressure points so that we can shift the last few hours in a certain comfort.

– yup, I said

15) "Good" card – keep it in your purse at all times and even photocopy workplace. This card is compulsory for any server that serves alcohol for cartridges in B.C., Canada. Learn local alcoholic beverages rules.

This list is just a start. It adds elements that over time make you feel that your work will be necessary. By organizing and ready for any shift, you can respond to management and professional appearance. In the end you get good ideas on the right track.

Source by Romana Van Lissum

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