Do not forget to reach the content so little and achieve something bigger than you have.

You do not want to play small children's dreams evaporate into an emptiness that the needs of everyday life are neglected.

If this describes you, you are more willing to play the little one instead of achieving something else. in my career where my problem is gone, so much that it has become part of my identity. You feel that a boxer has shifted to the ropes, and your only form of defense retreats until you find the motivation for recovery. There were many successful people in this position, including JK Rowling, so you do not have to be ashamed.

Elbe Minds: Creating a Competitive Advantage: Biology, Biology Control Behavior and Behavior Determine Success. "

At some level, you know you do not want to play small, part of your potential recognizes your potential, but something prevents you from reaching it, people struggle for years before finally recognizing the pain and disappointment. However, I urge you not to go impulsively and consider that your resignation is the only choice. There are often opportunities to turn to a different direction in order to reach the goals.

The experimental experiments have observed that when their food source is limited, they can not wash and surrender foods, their fatalist brains believe that foods are deficient and accept this result, we all do this and give up when we rely on your limitations.We have the greatest personal growth we develop, if we keep the distance away. "She feels to your urgency and push them down at least twice before you give it "- writes Peter Hollins Breaking Science of Convenience Zone: How to Live with Fear, Capture Chance and Make Memories Everyday

You're just as strong as your level of personal development. To meet this fitness metaphor, you are only able to lift the weights that are proportional to the physical exercise you have performed. If you are a trainee often, you probably increase your difficulty due to conditioning and special training.

Mental and emotional flexibility works in the same way that life's challenges help to create flexibility.

Those who stay flexible in the game for a long time The challenges and failures are not designed to defeat but to foster. However, I know that after many years of defeat you can break your soul and it is easier to give it away than to risk further disappointment.

To be honest, I have no answer. I can not say what is the right thing to do; only you know. However, it is important not to be afraid of failure when pursuing a goal or a dream, because failure alone is a matter for different people.

"Growth comes at the point of resistance, the outer boundaries of our capabilities," explains Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness's writers high performance: boost your game, avoid burnout and renew the new science of success

The failure of a fixed mindset is a threat to their self-esteem, yet it offers a growth-minded person the opportunity to improve and find new obstacles. The same failure, yet different answers

Who are true and who are wrong?

No ..

Everyone has a different mind to make a decision. Those who stay flexible in the game for a long time rely on their internal devices to be successful.

I have taught clients who have been giving up for their purpose or dream for years. That was the biggest breakthrough. Perhaps all the enduring years were finally paid off. Henry Ward Beecher, a 19th-century minister who once said, "One of the best successes comes after their biggest disappointment." No one knows what the future holds, so the only rule is whether he is able to withstand repeated defeats and disappointments, and he is still following your dreams.

See Angela Duckworth's American Academic and Psychologist's Guide to the Strength of Suffering and Endurance: "Many people seem to tell you what we are doing too early and too often and more than a cruel man for one day, it matters to wake up the next day, and the other is ready to walk on the treadmill "19459004]

I know about some things that you can do less than you can, but you're trying something bigger.

This message is because it resonates with you at a deeper level. For others, at the end of their vagabond the message can be no more than a trivial pep talk.

What I want to convey, no matter where you are on your trip, NEVER equalize. By arranging less, you get less than you deserve and make sure you prove that you get it.

Develop a Powerful Idea What You Want [I'm reminded of a part that my dad has grown up often.]

"Do not tell me your problems unless you have spent weeks trying to solve them." This council echoed in my mind for decades and became a motivating one. Do not let others or external circumstances motivate me because you will be down all the time. He must come from you.

Lets you miss your problems while solving them or finding a solution. Problems are not stand cards, they advise you that more work is needed to overcome them. Mostly, problems help you gain qualifications or develop successful resources later on. "The most appropriate form of confidence is the confidence that comes from the result," says Larry Weidel, Sorcerer Winner: 5 Creating Action Opportunities in the Success Cycle

Can you ask yourself that it means even greater success and failure?

these questions to decide whether you are willing to put the line or arrange less. And it's okay if you get less if you do not mind later.

If you do not yet understand the deserved results and consider leaving it, you have been repenting a few times for years or decades?

You can only reply to this, but you have to take the time to discover your motivations to reach your goals

In fact, if you do not know what he wants to receive life and not necessarily the best interest "writes Larry Weidel, author:" Winners know that if you do not know what they want, you will get all their lives. "

The most important thing is to develop a powerful picture of what you want and keep that picture in your mind. It nourishes and gives birth every day by taking targeted actions for it.

Vision + desire + devotion + patience + the daily action results in wonderful success. Whether you are willing or committed to this lifestyle or stealing the boat is the first sign of failure?

I'm amazed when I read the Quora Millennial Questions asking how rich and famous are the next Elon Musk. The success of a hairy and long game is high and low. Likewise, there is no guarantee, even if a night sensation lasts for a long time, especially if you have no mental and emotional means to endure it. Brendon Burchard says Powerful habits: what extraordinary people become like this : "Be more deliberately about who you want to become, imagining beyond the current circumstances … Imagine the Best Future

This means you have to rely on the only true constraint: for your personal development, the more you grow, the more you gain from financial resources, the state, and the success – it's easy. you risk the future of your future.

So be deliberately what you want from life.

Focus on your development, and if you give up, then know what's wrong before you give it up. ] Because I'm sure someone is working better now than you do, reading more books, sleeping less and sacrificing everything these dreams must be realized and it can compete with yours

Do not leave your dreams by mistake

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