The purpose of audit accounts is

The reasons for the control accounts are as follows:

1. Check the accuracy

Checks the entries in the sales ledger and in the sales account accuracy. It's very easy to mistake the posting of posts because there are hundreds of entries. The numbers can be transposed. Certain entries can be omitted completely, so your account or payment transaction will not appear in your personal account as you should. Comparison:

o The total balance of debtors counts the number of individual balances on the personal account of the sales main book.

o The total balance of creditors with the total amount of individual balances on the personal accounts on the invoice

It is possible to identify the fact that the errors occurred

2. Situation of errors

It can also help you locate errors where you are logged on daily, weekly or monthly. If an administrator does not collect an invoice or payment on a personal account or detects a transactional error, it would be a great job to find the bug or errors at the end of a year, say the hundreds or thousands of transactions during the year

you can compare the individual balance of your sales or purchase records for each week or day of the month and the error is much faster than if the accounts did not exist

3. For Internal Audit

If you have a separate account tasks, the verification account performs an internal audit. A person entering a book entry acts as a check to another person who is responsible for publishing entries in sales and purchase accounts.

4. Simply and quickly

In order to balance debtors and creditors more quickly to make a test balance or balance. A single balance of a verification account is obviously simpler and faster than the individual balance of sales or purchase records.

This also means that the number of accounts in the double-entry system can be kept as personal accounts are only memorandum accounts instead of the control accounts providing the double entry system accounts.

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