Playing Time in Protaras in Cyprus

Not surprisingly, you learn that Cyprus is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean country when you discover what the island is – 340 days of sunshine, 7000BC inherited heritage, archaeological sites and lots of vibrant tourist hotspots. With so many tools that do not want a private holiday on this Mediterranean island? A favorite friendship for visitors, the island also boasts a number of relaxing quality holiday villas and apartments – an ideal family vacation in Cyprus, a company favorite of British families for hunting on a typical Cyprus beach holiday with many activities.

One of Cyprus's most popular tourist areas is lively Protaras – It boasts a calm and crystal-clear sea and is protected from the wind. There are a number of shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs and a wonderful sandy beach in Fig Tree Bay, which lies along the coastline. Protaras has many restaurants, including Italian, Indian and Thai guests, but certainly not miss out on open-air restaurants where freshly grilled fish are the best.

Protaras beaches are the best in Cyprus, so the area of ​​Mecca for both tourists and Cypriots, especially on weekends. You can choose from plenty of water sports including paragliding , jet-skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing and visiting. If you want to "get rid of everything" for a day, go north to explore the isolated bays and south to rock around or dive around the rocky coastline. As far as shopping in Cyprus is concerned, nearby Agia Napa offers the best deals on designer goods (exempt prices) and some good jewelry and leather purchases.

As for Cypriot children, take them to the Ancient Greece-themed Aqua Park slides and pools, which have well-named features: the Poseidon wave pool, the Aphrodite bath and the Odyssey river. Kids also love the nearby Agia Napa theme park, which presents the attractions of children from toddlers to teenagers.

Diving with the eastern shores of Cyprus, bee knees … beaches are surrounded by reefs, caves and canyons where you can discover a wide variety of fish. Experienced divers make the reefs even more exciting – they are waiting for the barracudas' schools; the underwater peaks and the biggest wreck in the Mediterranean.

Protaras has excellent self-catering facilities including luxury villas with private pool cheaper apartments and numerous hotels on the beach. You may want to know when it would be the best time to visit Cyprus … it is better to note that the summers are warm from May to October after the island cools down. There is still plenty of sunshine between October and December, and if you are visiting Cyprus in December and January, you can enjoy an average of about six hours of sunshine every day.

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